Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trade Post - Thoughts & Sox

A little while back AdamE over at Thoughts & Sox dropped me a comment on my Topps Chrome Box Break and Trade Bait post interested in some Red Sox cards I pulled.  He said he had some cards off my want list and I was happy to jump on the deal.

Here are the highlights of the cards I got:

First up are some UD Past Time and Pennants cards.
 I didn't realize how many of these I needed for the Giants.  I actually built this base set back when this product came out and AdamE really helped out.  These 5 along with the McCovey I already have got me within 1 cards of the team set (still need Orlando Cepeda).  I actually like the mixture of black and white pictures and color pictures in the set.  Also nice selection of HOFers and other stars.  Great additions to the Giants collection.

Next are some base cards.
Speaking of team sets, I got the entire team set of 2007 UD Future Stars.  I never opened this product and not really sure about the concept as all 3 were established at this point.  Either way, nice pick ups.  I dig the shiny Topps Tribute Big Unit.  He only pitched a year for the Giants but did pick up his 300th win with my team. I am always happy to pick up a card of him in a Giants jersey.   I also picked up a couple cards of Giants aces, a Goodwin of their current ace and an Ovation of a past ace.

Next was a selection of parallels.
Three cards from the HTA Topps set and 2 Gold Foil card parallels.  I am not really sure the story behind the HTA cards, I am sure with a little research I could figure it out but I do know the gold foils were inserted in packs and I have a stack of non-Giants from my pack ripping in 2008.

Finally a well loved vintage card.
This is a great addition on a team set that needs a lot of work.  I like the 1960 set (probably has something to do with having the whole set) and needed this Eddie Fisher - he is not the singer that was married to Debbie Reyonlds and Liz Taylor but a journeyman pitcher who played for 6 teams over 16 years.  This happens to be his rookie card and I am happy to have it as part of my collection.

Thanks for the great trade AdamE!

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  1. I'm glad you liked them. I was surprised I couldn't find more that you needed.

    I don't know much about the HTA cards either. I won a Listia auction for a bunch of them and the post office massacred the package. For whatever reason, the Giants made out better than most of the other teams.