Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trade Post - The Angels, In Order

As I continue on my streak of trade posts, I want to highlight a trade made with Tom over at The Angels, In Order.  Tom reached out to me letting me know he had a card I would be interested in (I was!) and the trade blossomed into a much bigger deal.  This seems to happen more often then not for me and I love it.

Here are some of the highlights from a great trade package:
First up are some cards from the 90s.  I have tons of needs from this era and Tom was able to fill some binder gaps for me. I am particularly fond of the Emotion set, I didn't have any cards from this set until some recent trades brought some to me. I am not sure of the story behind the word on the front (I am thinking some random dude had the card flashed in front of his eyes and they put the first word that popped into his head as the word on the card) but I really like the photography and the words are usually fitting - What else is Royce Clayton doing but anticipating the pop up?  The Pinnacle set across the middle is a frustrating set to me.  I have several hundred cards from this set, I cannot recall how I got them, but very few of them were Giants. When I decided to go full force on the Giants that was one of the first boxes I went to and I was gravely disappointed.  This trade got me 3 cards closer to finishing the team set!  A couple different years of Studio cards of Matt Williams were also some nice additions and I always enjoy picking up another Barry "US" Bonds card in a deal.

Next up are some cards since the turn of the century.
Ellis Burks was a darn good player.  His best years were with the Rockies but I was happy to see him on the Giants and add the Victory card to my collection.  A 2012 Bumgarner!  He is having a very nice year and I anticipate him being the #2 starter as the playoffs begin behind Matt Cain.  I have only bought 2 packs of Bowman Platinum (and no Giants) so any cards from this set are very welcome.  Turkey Red is one of my favorite designs.  I am technically working on the first set from 2005 but I am down to needing 43 cards and all but 1 are SPs.  These are virtually impossible to track down so this will probably end up as an unfinished set.  I do like the insert sets that Topps put out for a couple years.  I believe I collected all of them with my sets and am picking up the Giants, like this Freddy Sanchez to fill up the Giants binder.  I got a couple Bowman needs in the middle of this picture, included a 2012 purple parallel.  The Opening Day Rich Aurilia leaves me once card (Robb Nen) away from completing the team set.  I have very few MLB Showdown cards and after hearing Nick from Dime Box talk about his love of the game, I am tempted to track down a ton of these and try out the game.  Finally a nice Donruss Classics card, did anyone remember that Kenny Lofton was a Giant?  It was only 46 regular season games in 2002 but he did play in the playoffs and World Series.

Now finally the card that started the trade...

I very nice Green Parallel Barry Zito GU card serial numbered to only 25!  I am a huge fan of this set but never bought much of it.  I am thinking of working on a Zito rainbow now that I added this card, it is my 3rd different version.  Zito is having a very solid year for the Giants - they have actually won his last 10 starts.  This has apparently earned him a spot on the playoff roster but I don't think it will be as a started.  As much as I hate how the contract he was given has somewhat handcuffed the Giants financially, it is hard to blame him. From the second it was signed most knew it was way too much money for a guy without dominant stuff so I tend not to blame Zito. Has he frustrated me at times - heck yeah! - but I do think he gives maximum effort and I am glad to see him doing well this year.  Hopefully he earns a WS ring this year instead of just getting one without playing in the post season.

I am also glad Tom reached out to me and allowed me to add this card to my collection. Thanks for a great trade!!!

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