Friday, September 28, 2012

Trade Post - Cards on Cards

I want to continue my focus on trade posts in an effort to recognize all the great bloggers/traders out there and get a little more caught up on these posts.  I have a couple other ideas that I plan to work on over the weekend for posts but I think I will continue to celebrate some trades for the time being.

A few weeks back Kerry over at Cards on Cards dropped me a note letting me know that he had a bunch of cards from my want list and wondering if I wanted to make a trade.  I jumped all in and over the course of a couple weeks we worked out a pretty big trade. I sent Kerry some Cardinals goodies and he sent me a big stack in return.  Here are the highlights of the stuff Kerry sent me.

I got a ton of base cards I needed and I really enjoy knocking cards off that want list.  What a great variety of sets represented here.  I got cards from two of my favorite sets in Ultra and Stadium Club (is it just me or does everyone see a picture of Orel Hershiser in a Giants uni and just think it is WRONG!).  I had a couple of the Donruss World Series cards for my player collections but this is my first going into the Giants binders.  Love the mascot card from Opening Day, they are inserts now but in 2007 they were part of the base set (Are there any Giants fans out there who remember Lou Seal's predecessor The Crazy Crab?  At AT&T Park they have the Crazy Crab costume and a bobble head on display on the Club Level).  I really like the design of the Rod Beck Select card and have picked up a few of those recently.  A very nice selection.
 I also scored some nice parallels.  3 Topps 1st edition cards, I thought these were pretty rare, I know I pulled 1 or 2 in 2007 in a ton of packs.  Very glad to add these.  I have the complete set of UD Timeline (that was a tough one to put together) but this is a nice Gold Parallel.  The Stadium Club of Robby Thompson is a nice pick up, he was one of my favorite Giants growing up.  I have been slowly picking up some Topps Gold parallels over the last few months.
 Next up are some inserts.  Have a trio of Barry cards along the top.  Love the 1951ish Home Run card - what else would you expect the HR King to showcase on this card.  I am up to having 133/586 (22.7%) of the Home Run History cards - I am only looking for the ones in a Giants uniform.  I recall pulling some of the Iooss Collection cards back in the day and the photography was before its time.  Nice to pick up Will the Thrill.  Scored a couple 2010 UD inserts from their last baseball release along with a recent Mel Ott insert.  The two Big Cat cards are nice and shiny as well.

 These 5 cards have something in common with each other - anyone want to guess the connection?  Well unless you are a student of my want list, you wouldn't guess it but these all completed team sets for me.  What a great trade package - one that can fill 4 team sets in one trade!

Speaking of team sets, this group of Fleer Update cards include all but one from the team set - Barry Bonds.  Any guess what, I already had the Bonds so this is a 5th completed team set.  These new additions to the Giants at the time bring back a lot of memories and a few frustrations.  I was never a fan of Mark Carreon or Dave Martinez.  I actually had high hopes for Todd Benzinger when the Giants got him but that didn't really pan out.

The final two cards I want to showcase are probably my favorite types of cards to get in a trade package.  Neither of these cards were even on my checklist.  I have seen the trifold cards before but they didn't make it on my checklist from Beckett, I have since added all the Giants thanks the checklist on Team Sets 4 U.  What a great looking card, I really want to add a few more. I had the Garko base on my checklist but not the Chrome version.  Both great additions and also value added to get my checklist up to date.

Thanks Kerry for a great trade!!!


  1. I know I'm very late commenting, but I thought I'd mention this little tidbit. Those 2004 Topps 1st Edition cards were actually available as a separate hobby (or HTA?) set, distributed in packs. I bought a box of them from eBay a few years ago. They're definitely not inserts like some of the other years, but I've never had anyone trade me anything from that set so it seems like they're not widely collected.

    Here's an example box: