Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trade Post - Nachos Grande

I made another trade with Chris over at Nachos Grande, this time the trade centered on us helping each other out with the 2012 Ginter set.  I am now getting really close to the base set and the regular sized insert sets are coming along well.  I shot Chris some of the mini inserts for the sets he is working on.

Here are the highlights of the stack of cards I got in the trade:

 Here are a group of some base cards of some really solid players.  The horizontal cards don't work well with the minis but they are some of my favorite pictures in the regular sized cards.  Both the Kinsler and Helton are nice pics.  I really like the cloud behind Mark Trumbo's head, great color. 

 I also scored 5 rookies in the trade.  Don't think I have ever taken a stand on the rookie logo so I guess this would be a perfect opportunity.  Personally I am a fan.  Occasionally there is a player where I want to collect all his rookie cards and this is an easy way to make sure I am tracking down the right cards.  I hope it sticks around if/when we get back to more than one licensed company.

 I haven't done a breakdown of this set but it seems we are getting fewer non-baseball players in Ginter.  I did score 3 in this group and only 2 retired players.  I recall my boxes being retired player heavy (good thing) when I cracked them so it doesn't surprise me.  I find it funny that I got 2 Babe Ruth minis yet had to trade for the base.  I can't believe someone as infamous as Don Dekinger is in a set for World Champions.  I clearly remember his blown call and even wrote a poem about it in elementary school.

I also scored some nice inserts.  The Wall Street building finished off the Tallest Building set (yeah!).  I am having a hard time trading for the What's in a Name insert set.  I am only just over half way to finishing that set off so if you can help let me know.

And the surprise of the trade package:

I got Bieber-ed!  My wife and I both got a good chuckle out of this and I have signed it and it is off to another blogger, so those of you I have traded with - keep your eyes open!

Thanks for another great trade Chris!


  1. Glad you liked the cards, thanks for the trade! I'll have a post up about my portion of the trade this week (it's in the queue).

  2. I may halt making trades only to avoid getting Bieber'ed.