Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Traveling Box Goods

Back in early summer, Mike from Bad Wax posted an idea about putting together a traveling box of cards. 

Here were the basic rules:
  • Donate 2 or 3 star game used, rookie card, short print, or autographed cards.
  • Each card should be assigned a book value.
  • For every card you want out of the box you must replace with a card of your own of equal value.
  • You can take as many as you want, as long as you replace what you take.
It sounded like a pretty fun concept so I jumped on board.  I ended up donating 4 cards to start it up and got the box a little while back.  I took way too long to pick out my cards and send them back so my apologizes to my fellow traveling boxers.

I thought I would share what I pulled out of the box:

I started with a trio of 1972 Topps HOFers.  I ultimately want to put together this set so whenever I get the chance to pick up some great cards from this set I jump on it.

Next up are some more vintage beauties.  The 1965 set is one of my favorites and I have always liked The Sporting News All Star subset.  I couldn't pass up Mathews card either, a beauty of a 1959 Topps card.

Lastly, there was a binder with some recent issues and there were two I needed for my set so I quickly grabbed them.

We are keeping what we submitted a surprise but I mostly replaced the vintage with vintage and the Ginter with Ginter. There were several football cards as well so I decided to put in a nice gold parallel of a future HOFer that I hope is well received.

Lots of fun and can't wait to see what goodies are in the box next time around.

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  1. I'd say that you did very well. That 1965 Frank Robinson is SWEET!!