Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Collection Goal Update - 1965 Topps Giants Team Set

One of my goals in 2013 is to complete 5 of the 10 Topps Giants team sets from the 1960s. If you followed my Top 20 countdown a few months back you may have seen that I made some progress with some of the higher end cards from the 60s but unfortunately there are still quite a few high dollar cards left.

I had already completed the 1969 set and can now mark another one off the list.  The 1965 Topps set is one of my favorites from the decade.  I really like the big pennant across the front and the color scheme for the Giants works pretty well.  These first 3 I actually picked up late last year but I don't believe I ever showcased them on the blog.

I really like the large Rookie trophy on the front of the Hal Lanier card, glad the Giants had one of the top rookies so I have one in my team set. Giants Manager Herman Franks looks pretty happy in his photo, he was hired to replace the fired Alvin Dark for the 1965 season, so maybe that had something to do with it.  Franks lead the Giants to 4 2nd place finished in his 4 years with the club.  I remember Jim Davenport as a third baseman but this card lists him as a SS-2B.  Looks like he played a utility role in 1964 with Jimmy Ray Hart as the starting 3B.

For quite some time my 1965 Topps Giants want list consisted of only 1 card but I received this beauty shortly before my move:

This is one of my favorite Mays cards ever, I really like the dual bats, the stadium background and again the 1965 design is one of my favorites.  Very happy to pick this up.  Interested in how the team set looks all together:

A mighty fine looking team set in my opinion.  Wonder which 1960s set I can knock off next?

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