Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mail Day - The Don't You Hate it When This Happens Edition

Yesterday I arrived home to find one of the worst things I can find in my mailbox:

 The dreaded Post Office Damaged Mail envelop.  I have received empty envelopes with no cards in these in the past.  I have received parts of cards and mangled cards.  I have learned to always expect the worst.  As I lifted it up I realized that there was some weight to it, so I suspected that there was something still inside.  As I extracted the PWE from the Post Office envelope, here is what I got:

 There are some tears on the front and what looks like a team bag and a toploader sticking out.  Not looking great, not looking like a total loss either.  Flip it over and...
The back is looking a little worse for the wear.  Some decent sized rips and what looks like some machinery marks.  I am still a little worried.  When I open it up, what do I see:

 It is a team back and as I recall I won two Carson Palmer Relic cards from the same Sportlots seller in some auctions.  This side doesn't look too back, flip it over:
 This side shows a dual relic card and also looks pretty good.

I pull them out of the team bag and inspect the cards.  Not only was there no damage to the cards, the toploaders look pretty good as well.  Two nice additions to the USC Football collection and a sigh of relief.  That was a close one.

I might as well finish off my mail day - it was all USC themed.  I picked up two more cards from Sportlots auctions.
 First up is a nice 2011 Panini Xtra Points green parallel of WR Steve Smith. It is numbered 18/25. 
The final mail day card is of injured and unloved QB Mark Sanchez.  This one is a 2013 National stamped card and is numbered 3/5.

Pretty nice to pick up two low serial numbered cards and of course the two Palmer relics.  Dodged a Post Office bullet this time.


  1. Congratulations. The cardboard gods were watching out for you. It's always scary to see a damaged envelope.

  2. Injured and unloved.. pretty accurate description of Sanchez and to think he went to 2 straight AFC Championship games then he fell out of favor