Friday, October 25, 2013

A Golden Great of the Say Hey Kid

While I really like the two thick insert cards Topps included in Series 1 and Series 2, the set builder in me is quite happy that there weren't similar cards in Update.  I am making some decent progress on my Update insert set after my Jumbo box purchase and a couple small lots of eBay purchases. I should have my want list posted soon.

Topps flagship Series 1 included a set called The Greats.  These were pretty tough pulls and I have been trying to complete this insert set since the product was released. I am still in need of 5 cards:

2013 Topps The Greats #TG5 Ted Williams

2013 Topps The Greats #TG14 Stan Musial

2013 Topps The Greats #TG16 Tom Seaver
2013 Topps The Greats #TG22 Hank Aaron

2013 Topps The Greats #TG26 Derek Jeter

Topps flagship Series 2 included a similar set called The Elite.  These seem to be a little easier (and cheaper) to track down but once again I need a handful to complete my insert set:

2013 Topps The Elite #TE1 Miguel Cabrera
2013 Topps The Elite #TE2 Ryan Braun
2013 Topps The Elite #TE4 Tom Seaver
2013 Topps The Elite #TE5 Sandy Koufax
2013 Topps The Elite #TE15 Willie Mays
2013 Topps The Elite #TE18 Ted Williams

If you happen to have any of these for trade, I am sure I can put together a sweet return trade package.

However my intent of this post was to share this card with you:
This is a gold parallel of a Series 1 Willie Mays The Greats insert.  As you can see it is serial numbered 80/99.  It is super think and I think this is an outstanding design that looks even better in gold than the base silver.  I was able to pick this up at a very reasonable price that was actually cheaper than I can currently find the wants on my The Greats listed above.

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