Friday, October 4, 2013

Picking Up Some HOF Vintage

I couple posts ago I shared some finds from my LCS that I scored from the reject pile. The same LCS with that pile also has some nice bid board cards that I have been picking up. One of my targets has been vintage cards of HOFers.  I collect just about anything including an attempt to corral as many HOF Autograph cards as possible but this is an area that is fairly new to me.  I love baseball history and the cards are usually well priced so I am drawn to them.

With my set collecting, team collecting of the Giants and USC Football, and my numerous player collections there really isn't room to start a new side collection but I am going to continue to pick them up when the price is right. 

Here is a few that I have picked up over the last few weeks:

First up is a 1977 George Brett. This is about the most recent set I have been looking to pick up. I started collecting in 1979 but in the early 80s bought a 1978 vending box and built a set so this is really the newest set that pre-dates my collecting youth.  I have a few 70s sets but for some reason this set is my starting point when I think about picking up "vintage" cards.  Mr. 0.390 set me back $1.

This 1969 Joe Morgan was actually a reject pile purchase for a quarter.  As you can see it has a pretty significant crease and isn't in the best condition but I couldn't pass it up at that price.

 I already had this Gaylord Perry in my collection from 1968 but couldn't pass up another copy for $1.

This Frank Robinson set me back $3.  It is a little off center but overall in pretty nice space. It amazes me how different the borders are between cards in this set.  For s's and giggles I looked up the book value of this card and it is $30 - What a Bargain!

 This is the first of a quad of 1967 Topps cards.  This one features HOFer Lou Brock and the man credited my many for starting the fight for free agency Curt Flood. I have a move about Flood on my DVR and a book about him to read.  This card set me back $2.  I have been tempted many times through the years to go after all the vintage combo cards but never pulled the trigger.

 This very nice conditioned knucklerballer and former Giant Hoyt Wilhelm was $3. Kinda wish he was showcasing his knuckle grip.

 This Catfish Hunter was also $3.  I have several of his vintage cards. I am not sure why I am so drawn to him, might have something to do with the awesome A's uniforms.

The last of the 1967s is this Eddie Mathews card.  The Astros team name just looks wrong for this longtime Brave.  If I recall, his 500th HR came as a member of the Astros.  Again another $3 HOFer.

This final card to me was a very exciting find:

This is a 1957 Topps Robin Roberts. This card is in pretty nice shape and this is one of my favorite vintage sets.  This is another card that books for $30 and I picked it up for $5.

There was a lot of hassle, cost and frustration with the move but the combination of the swimming pool, a fairly enjoyable new job and a couple great LCSs has softened the blow.

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  1. Great pickups. Vintage HOFers are one of my favorite things to collect. That Cards Clubbers card is amazing.