Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Reject Pile Goodness

As I shared recently, I was able to pick up a decent chunk of the 1968 Topps Game insert set out of the reject pile at my LCS.  Most of the cards I picked up were the lesser players, basically most of the commons from the set.  I had pretty much decided to build the set but my trip the following week to the LCS solidified the pursuit.  I was able to pick up 9 more cards towards the 33 card set and this time the names were a little more famous and the players a lot more accomplished.  Here they are:

 Tommy Davis and Joe Torre are the only 2 players in this purchase that aren't HOFers and I would suspect Mr. Torre will make it as a manager quite soon.

 Here are a couple of pretty accomplished infielders.  I was surprised to see that Killebrew played almost as much 3B as he did 1B in his career.  For some reason he just seems like a 1B to me.
 Here are a couple of HOF outfielders, both spent time at 1B but are primarily known for their outfield prowess.

 The Robinson Bros from Baltimore both appear in this set and were part of this recent purchase.  The Frank is miscut quite a bit but if you look at the scans you will see that I am not super concerned about the condition of this set.

Finally the best pick up in my opinion. None other than Mr. 755 Hank Aaron.  During my recent trip to the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown I was able to go through the newer section of the museum dedicated to Mr. Aaron.  The display was under construction during my trip a couple years back and I was really happy to be able to enjoy it.

I am pretty happy with the progress on this set with 27 of the 33 cards.  The best part about this 9 card purchase from the reject pile?  The cards only cost me $3.25!  I have a want list for this set on my Set Want List Tab if you happen to have any for trade - I am working on a trade for a Mays right now.


  1. That's an awesome deal for this group. Well done.

  2. Love 'em all, especially the Aaron. Nice finds!

  3. Hey man,
    I just picked up a very clean copy of the Claude Osteen from this set. (Check out my post tonight?) Do you need an upgrade?
    Let me know if u wanna run a mini-trade.