Sunday, October 27, 2013

Group Break - Padrographs - 2012 Topps Heritage High Numbers

This post is a long time coming.  I just ran across these scans and realized I never posted about this group break.  A long time ago, must have been a year or so, Rod over at Padrographs, bought a set of 2012 Topps Heritage Update cards and sold off the team sets.  I really am not a fan of these new sets Topps is only selling through their website and this was a great way to pick up my Giants.  Here are the Giants from the set:

There were only 2 Giants included but both were highly instrumental in the World Series run the Giants made last year.  In fact both earned contract extensions last off season.  I am hoping Pagan can bounce back after an injury plagued year and Marco can be a little more 2012 and a little less 2013 to help get the Giants back in Playoff contention.

 In addition to the 2 promised Giants, Rod included this group of Giants as well.  How cool is that. Got some Ginter across the top, some parallels and shiny in the middle and another trio including a Panda mini across the bottom.  I was very happy to see these in the package.

Without doubt, the coolest part of the package was this group of in person autos for the minor league Salem-Keizer Volcanoes - a minor league affiliate of the Giants.  I only recognize a couple of the names but love the addition of these cards to my Giants collection. These cards currently sit in a stack of cards destined to be in my Giants oddball binder once I uncover the box from my move that has my extra binders and pages.

Rod, I know this is about a year too late but if you happen to see this, thanks for the break and the extras!

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