Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trade Post - Reader Jim - mrhaverkamp

During my move I neglected to post quite a few packages that I received from fellow collectors and over time I hope to remedy that to show my appreciation.  The first such package I want to share was from fellow Giant fan and reader of the blog Jim aka mrhaverkamp.  Jim is super generous and always fills some big holes in my Giants collection.  This time he also helped out on some sets I am working on.

Usually I save the best for last but not this time.  If you recall from several months back I bought a box of series 2 Conlon collection cards and started doing a pack by pack reveal on this blog.  I think I stopped somewhere around 6 packs and will pick it up again in the near future. These cards showcase amazing photography of players from the past and some great info on the backs.  Jim was able to send me a ton of Giants to fill out some of the other series. I would normally just pick my favorite few but I think the photography is so great I decided to scan them all.  Enjoy:

Pretty cool, huh?  Anyone who enjoys the history of the game has got to appreciate that set.

Next up a trio of Kelloggs cards:

I actually don't think the first one is a Kelloggs card but it is close.  I really need to go through my checklist and finish up these sets. They bring back tons of childhood memories.  I do believe I have a set or two I mail ordered when I was a kid somewhere around here.

Next up are a dozen 1970 Topps cards. My goal this year was to get the set complete through card #459. I will probably share an update on that quest in the not too distant future.

It was cool to score two League Leaders cards and some other nice cards. I like that the short lived Pilots have cards in this set.

And the final 5 cards:
The last cards were some Turkey Red Giants, I am trying to complete the entire run of Turkey Red Giants and with these I am two Barry Bonds SPs away from making that a reality.  I also scored the Marichal variation checklist and two inserts from last year's Ginter.  For some reason I decided to collect all regular sized insert sets and this one has proven elusive. With these two I am now within a dozen cards of finishing off the set.

Jim, thanks for the great package and sorry the post took too long.  I am hoping the Giants bounce back next year and we have more joyous topics to talk about next year around this time!

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