Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Will Admit, It Kind of Hurts

My move took me from Angels country to right in the heart of Dodgers country.  Obviously as a Giants fan it is a challenge hearing all the Dodger news and seeing all the Dodger gear with the season they are having.  With the exception of some bloggers I have met and a few hard core fans, fans in LA tend to be of the fair weather variety - this includes fans of my beloved USC Trojans as well.  This irritates me as well.

However, in what is kind of a surprise to me, seeing Brian Wilson in that 00 Dodgers uniform and pitching well really has thrown me for a loop.  It just seems wrong as I have so many fond Giants memories.  I remember him closing out the 2010 World Series, I was able to attend the All Star game when he came out in bright orange shoes and I remember his signature beard growing longer and bushier and more out of control.

I picked up this card shortly before he signed with the Dodgers:
This is a pretty cool card - the gold version numbered to 99.  We have his beard showcased, although it is about half as grand as it is today.  He is in his signature post-save pose and of course is in his Giants grays.

I am certain that I won't be going after any of his Dodgers cards and for right now I don't think I will be seeking out any older Giants cards for the time being.  I still need some more time to get over it.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, bro...from the other side. When we first got Wilson, I was hating it. He was sooo giants I couldn't accept it at first.

    The day I accepted him was when he added that blue tie thing in his beard. Then I thought he really wanted to be a Dodger. Turns out he's as good as advetised and I'm a definite Beard fan now.

    Any cards you happen to get where he is a Dodger will find a happy home right here.