Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vida Blue - More Additions to the Collection

I have picked up a few more Vida Blue cards over the past couple weeks, a little mix of the old, the new and the new that looks old.

First up are the new that look old:

My last Vida post shared the hits from the 2012 Panini Golden Age product.  I picked up Vida's base card and two of the mini varieties.  As best I can tell, these are the two most common.  Outside of the 1/1 black mini, there appear to be 3 more varieties to chase down.

Now let's take a look at the old:
 This is an O'Connell & Son Ink card from the mid 80s.  I think this is a nicely done oddball card and I appreciate the color motif matching that of the A's.  No logos on this card nor is there a logo on our next "card":

 This really isn't a card but a disc.  This Isaly's Sweet William variety is my 7th different variety from 1976 and I still need 3 - Carousel, Orbakers and Red Barn.  I should probably try to chase these down and complete the "rainbow".
This is the first card I have shown that actually shows the team logo, I guess Panini has a lot of old sets to draw from for design ideas.  This is a 1972 OPC, I have had the Topps version of this card for years but am happy to pick up the Candian version.  The cartoon is interesting asking if there were any forteit games in 1971.  Apprently there was but no explanation was given.  This card shows the stats for Vida's breakout 1971 season - the year I was born.  Gotta be impressed with a 24-8 record and a 1.82 ERA!

An now the last 2 cards are of the new variety:
 A very dark card but I think these 2011 Limited Greats look pretty slick.  This is serial numbered to 299 and completes my collection of the trio of cards produced of Vida in this set - along with an Auto and Relic card.  These are also the only cards of his from 2011 and the first cards he had produced since 2008.

Last but not least is a 2012 Archives Auto.  I am a huge fan of these cards and actually flirted with going after the entire autograph checklist. After seen a few that were fetching huge prices I changed my tune but I had to get this one of Mr. Vida Blue.  I am still looking for a Will the Thrill Clark for the Giants collection.

I am pretty happy to add these cards to my Vida Blue collection.  I am making good progress towards my 2013 goal but there aren't that many new cards out there for me to chase.

Here are my stats:

2013 Vida Blue Collecting Goal - 25 new cards
Cards added in this post - 8
Remaining cards to reach goal - 14 

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  1. WOW. That Archives Autographed Vida Blue is just a terrific card! He was recruited heavily by my University of Houston when he was an outstanding high school quarterback back in the day. He went with pro baseball after his dad died and he needed to help his family. At least that's what I understood from our staff back then.

    Congrats on some sweet pick ups.