Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trade Post - 1967ers - Infusion of Candian Cardboard

I have a bunch of great trades in the queue I need to post and I thought this one would be a great place to start.  A little while back I posted about some OPC cards I had picked up and expressed my desire to track down more reasonably priced OPC cards for the Giants collection.  Fortunately Chris from Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains saw my post and reached out to me with some of his extra Giants OPC cards.  Here are the goods he sent my way!

I typically don't scan the backs of cards too often but in the case of 60s and early 70s OPC cards, the fronts are identical to the Topps issues and most of the Topps versions of these cards have been previously featured in the blog if you really want to check them out.
Note the PRINTED IN CANADA in the bottom right of these cards, these are the only differences.  These are two of my oldest Candian cards in my collection and I was very happy to get a card from both the 1965 and 1966 sets.
To me this is where the OPC sets get exciting.  I love the color of these backs!  I like the fact that they are different and color is vibrant and stands out. Picking up 3 new cards from the 69 set was one of the main highlights of the package.
Speaking of highlights, these 1971 backs are great.  These are probably my favorite backs with the dual languages framing the floating head.  Three sweet pickups in this batch plus a 1970 Jimmy Davenport.  I have actually made some solid progress on the 1970 team set and this Davenport was a nice card to mark off the want list.

As you can see this package contained cards from many of the years and this scan shows the back of the 1972 and 1973 cards from this trade.  I should have scanned the front of the Tito Fuentes, it is one of my favorite cards from 1973.

This quad of 1974 cards features one of my favorite sluggers of all time, Dave Kingman.  He was so one dimentional but man could the guy crush a ball.  I primarily remember him as a Cub and Met, his time with the Giants was in my very early years in life.
Here is the batch of 1975s, this is one of the sets that will probably be the hardest to complete because Marc Hill of the Giants appears on the Gary Carter RC card.  This card is a $20 plus card and will probably be hard for me to pull the trigger on.

Finally I scored 11 different 1976 cards towards the Giants team set.  This set fully paralleled the Topps set and I still need 17 additional cards.  With the exception of 4 cards I do have all the OPC cards from 1977 to 1989.  It would be nice to extend it another year.

Chris, thanks for the trade and the big infusion of Canadian Cardboard!  I really appreciate the trade and hope that you enjoyed the Blue Jays I sent your way.  Thanks!!!

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