Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My LCS Bid Board Reject Pile

I have two LCSs near my new home, they are actually only a block apart and used to be affiliated with each other.  I like both shops for a couple of reasons but one thing they have in common that is a top draw for me is a weekly bid board.  For those not familiar with a bid board, basically a bunch of cards are hung up on the wall and throughout the week you can go in and make a bid to buy the cards.  There is typically a minimum bid and at times a buy it now price.

One shop primarily has newer cards and I find myself picking up quite a few cards for my USC collection and inserts from some of the newest sets.  The other bid board usually has more of a vintage flavor.  At the end of the week I get an email letting me know if I won any cards and it is always a surprise to see what I win.

Both shops also offer somewhat of a second chance on cards that don't sell the first time around.  I refer to this as the Reject Pile.  The shop with typically newer cards just sells the rejects for the posted minimum bid while the other shop usually puts a half price sticker on those that don't sell.  I love digging through that box and have come up with quite a few gems over the past couple months.

I thought I would share my reject pile pick ups from this past week:

You will most likely recognize these as 1968 Topps Game cards, I believe these were inserts and were used to play some sort of game. I was able to acquire 17 of the 33 cards from this set for 25 cents each or $4.25 total.  This is a set that has always been of interest to me but other than a Mike McCormick I picked up for my Giants collection I had never owned one.  Granted these are the lesser players of the set but I am still happy to be the proud owner of more than half the set.

I plan on sharing my bid board and reject pile pick ups every so often, I feel very lucky to have 2 boards to check out every week (assuming I can make it in).


  1. This is weird. This past Saturday you announced you're back. So, I figure while I'm out at a small card show that I should see if I can find any random Giants because you're always a fun guy to trade with.

    What do I find? The condition of the card is "well loved", but it's a Giant who is a "Home Run" from the set above.

    I'd never seen the set until the card show, I only have a Giant from the set, and now you're posting on the set. Weird.

    Drop me an e-mail when you get a chance and we can work out a deal!