Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Trip to Cooperstown - Part 2 - The Base

This is the second post showing off my wears from a fairly recent trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame. This time I thought I would show off the base cards that I picked up out of a few "bargain" bins that I ran across.

 I didn't spend time checking my list on my phone much on this trip but did quite well, I didn't purchase any duplicates!  This is a nice selection of Giants greats.  The Sweet Spot Mel Ott is numbered to 825 and offers up a pretty unique picture.  The John McGraw is an insert numbered out of 500.  I kind of wish the photo was a little darker - it seems quite muted, not the best design.  The Topps Super Teams card celebrating the 1951 Giants is pretty cool.  I recently scored a shiny parallel as well.  The 1971 Mays reprint is one of only a few I have in my collection, I have quite a bit of work to do to complete that set.  However, the Fan Favorites Mays was the last card I needed to complete the entire Giants run of Fan Favorites, completing one of my 2013 collecting goals.  Finally a card celebrating Bobby Thomson but not for what you may think. I celebrates him moving to 1st base so the Alou Brothers could share the same outfield - I think that is one of the neatest baseball stories, can you imagine 3 brothers playing together at the highest level?

 This next group features 3 different Carl Hubbell cards: a 1992 Cramer Baseball Legends, and UD Playball reprint and a Sportsflics Decade Greats card.  All 3 feature Carl in his throwing follow through and they are all slightly different.  The man looks as if was pretty consistent in his form which probably helped in his success.  The Mays card is a super thick card from Donruss Biography and celebrates Mays' 25 career HR.  There are tons of these and this is my second. This is not a set I will be going after an entire run of.  The Tom Seaver card may seem out of place but as a former Trojan I couldn't pass up a card of Tom Terrific in his USC uni and featuring the SC logo - very cool.  Finally a 1986 Sportsdesign card of the Dandy Dominican Juan Marichal.

 I am a sucker for Shiny and picked up these 6 shiny cards.  The first two are from Topps Tribute and celebrate the induction years of Mel Ott and Jon McGraw. These cards are executed so well and look so nice that putting together a set my be on my horizon, although probably quite distant.  The Mays card is a parallel from Donruss Sports Legends, not too exciting but I always enjoy adding new cards from Mr. Mays to my collection.  The bottom 3 are from Topps Archives Reserve.  I am close to my 2013 goal of finishing off the Archives Giants and Reserve just may make its way onto the 2014 goal list.
My last 6 pickups are for the Dave Parker collection I mentioned in my last HOF visit post.  All great representations of Dave in his outstanding Pirates uniform.

Overall nothing too rare but some very nice additions to my collection.  My next post will include some very cool oddball cards I was able to find on my visit.

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