Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Topps Series 2 - Complete

During my blogging absence, I kept up with some of the newer releases and as I do with every Topps Flagship release I picked up a Hobby Jumbo box. It wasn't a great box, I didn't complete the base set and one of my missing cards was the Kris Bryant rookie.  The hits were fairly weak as well.  Lots of work to do to complete the set along with the insert sets but I went right to work and am happy to report that I have finished.  This is probably the earliest I have had the Series 1 and 2 sets complete in a collecting season which is leading me to strongly consider chasing Allen & Ginter this year.

Right after sorting my cards and recognizing the missing Bryant I went onto Sportlots.  There were 7 cards on the site and 6 of them were selling from $7-10 however there was one listed at the lowest price allowable on Sportlots - $0.18.  I tossed it into my shopping cart and with the $0.75 shipping I ordered the Bryant rookie for under a buck delivered.  I wasn't sure if the card would actually get sent but a few days later it came in the mail.

I next focused my attention on the insert sets and found a different Sportlots seller with most of the inserts at $0.18.  I finished or came close to finishing off the Eclipsing History, First Pitch, Heart of the Order, Highlight of the Year, Stepping Up and Til Its Over sets.  I few singles from other sellers and all but the 2/Jumbo Box - 1/Hobby Box Baseball Royalty set of 25 cards.  I had gotten 2 in my Jumbo including Jeter (very nice!) and sought out some good deals on Sportlots and eBay and just yesterday got the last 2 in the mail to complete the final insert set of Series 2.  This Baseball Royalty set is very nice, my favorite of this release so I thought I would show it all off together:

Great looking set, huh?  I would have liked to see an appearance by Buster or MadBum but it is hard to argue with any of these players.  I really like the design and they are nice think card stock.  Topps has been doing a nice job with these tougher to find inserts and it seems like there is enough production for people like me to finish up the set.

In addition to the set, I have made good progress on the Giants.  I still need the base cards of the 4 rookies but have completed the gold parallel set and have the last 3 rainbow foil parallels on order.   I have picked up dups of some of the inserts but still need a few - check out my 2015 Giants want list if you want to make a trade.

It is nice to put this set to rest so quickly!

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  1. That is a nice-looking set. I think my favorites are the Frank Thomas and the Randy Johnson.