Monday, February 27, 2017

Trade Post - Night Owl

If I had to guess, I would say that Greg of Night Owl Cards is the blogger I have traded with the most.  Although we have had a couple big trades (one involving vintage Mays and Snider cards comes to mind), a majority of our trades are of the few cards here and few cards there variety.  I like to think of my end as the "get rid of the Dodgers as quickly as I can" packages.

Yesterday I dropped off a return package of Dodger IP autos at the post office which inspired me to get this post up today.  I am pretty far behind on trade posts but this is a chance to beat Greg to the punch (since he doesn't even have the cards from me yet).

You may recall a gift Night Owl received from Mrs. Night Owl of an awesome array of autograph cards.  The only bad part (for him) was the team featured in all the autos.  His negative turned into my positive as all these Giants autos were sent my way:

I shared the wealth with fellow Giants fan and friend of the blog mrhaverkamp and sent him a few of these for a project he is working on and the rest will remain appreciated parts of my Giants collection.

You can see by the note that Night Owl also participates in the "get rid as quickly as possible" club as well.

Proving how far behind I am in trade posts, when prepping this post I recognized a few other scans of cards Greg and previously sent my way so I figured I would show them off as well.

Here we have a nice mix of 2016 Giants.  With my pack consumption decreasing in 2016, I counted on trade packages such as this to fill quite a few Giants holes in my collection.

This mix of cards goes back another year or so.  I am considering building the entire insert set of the 1st Home Run cards like the Sandoval up top but it is a pretty big set and I don't have many of them. I suspect if I can find a nice sized lot I might give it a go.  Most of the photos capture shots around the time of the 1st HR which I like and appreciate.

Here are some more 2016 cards.  The Bumgarner photo from Stadium Club is pretty cool with the ball in flight.  Anyone else really like the black border Heritage cards?  I wouldn't mind a set that looked like this.

Here are some parallels that are a little older.  With the high number of Giants cards Night Owl has sent my way, I always wonder where nice looking Giants cards such as these pop into his hands? Do you think he has a secret stash of Giants cards that he actually likes - nah that is too far fetched.

Finally the last 2 cards are pretty nice one of Brandon Belt.  The top card is the snowflake parallel from the Walmart set that came out around Christmas. With this one, I think I am 2 cards away from the complete Giants parallel set.  Finally a sweet orange jersey swatch in a framed Gypsy Queen relic card.  Greg, thanks for all the cards and I hope the Dodgers that are on the way help ease the pain for your Giants centered gift.


  1. I pull Giants at a ridiculous rate is why I have so many Giants cards.

  2. I don't suppose that Mike Kingery is available for trade? I collect that particular design of testimony cards and haven't seen that one. LMK.