Tuesday, June 6, 2017

COMC - Using Up My Free Shipping

During the Black Friday sale I received a bunch of scratch offs and won several coupons for free shipping. My normal approach on COMC is to put some money into my account every month or two, look for cards I want/need the buy them and stash them in my inventory until they make a free shipping sale.

In this case, knowing my coupons were about to expire, I went on a little shopping spree right before the end of March, picked up some cards and immediately requested the order get shipped.  Thought I would share the haul.

First up are some Chrome Giants from 2016.

The top 3 cards were listed as vending box versions - I am not up on my Bowman terminology and can't keep how they are released straight but couldn't resist picking up the trio of Giants.  The middle row are a base Bowman Chrome, a Bowman Chrome purple refractor and a Bowman Chrome Draft card.  The Topps Chrome Posey ROY Chronicles is a sweet looking insert, my favorite card of the bunch.

Next up are some additional 2016 Giants cards that fill in some gaps:

Whenever I pick up Tek cards I get excited, think about going after a rainbow then quickly forget about them.  Not sure what that says about my relationship with the set.  The Posey and the Mays in the middle row are reprints from a Topps Archives 65th Anniversary set.  I never bought any of that set and these are my only 2 cards from it.  The Nunez completed the Rainbow team set for the Giants for all of 2016. 

Now onto some vintage set needs:

I was able to pick up this excellent group of 7 cards including 4 Hall of Famers.  I have been checking COMC fairly frequently for vintage set needs and often come across pretty solid deals.  I don't recall how much these cost but I do know in each case I found these for less than comparables on eBay.  I am inching closer to the set but have some big names to knock off.

Finally a quad of 1971 Topps cards.  If you read my recent post, you would know I completed my 1971 Topps set.  This purchase helped get me four steps closer.  I am a big fan of the bottom 2 cards, the Browne swing follow through is a great photo and a young George Sparky Anderson early in his Reds managerial tenure.

A nice package of cards to finish off my free COMC shipping spree.

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  1. Good job on this and the '71 Topps set. The '71s are my favorite.