Friday, August 11, 2017

Generosity from Johnny's Trading Spot

I decided last night that it was time to kick myself in the butt and get back to some regular posting.  Don't know if it will happen but I figured I would start one step (post) at a time.  Several weeks back I got a great care package from John from Johnny's Trading Spot, one of the most generous bloggers out there.  I sorted through the cards, picked out some of my favorites then scanned and uploaded them to a blank blog post.  For the last few weeks the wordless post just sat there.

Last night I was going through a new Christmas in July package I got from John and realized how much time had passed and that was the kick I needed.  Hopefully I will get to the Christmas package before Christmas but I wanted to share the last batch of cards John sent my way.

The first group of cards are some 90s Stadium Club cards.  I was reminded of how great the photography was in these sets and how different/better Stadium Club was from other releases at the time.

This is a nice group of cards with some great Giants hitters.  Nice pitcher at the plate card of Don Robinson.  I remember Robinson for his okay pitcher, really solid hitting and great nickname - the Caveman.

Also included were two almost complete team sets of Giants Mother's Cookies cards.  I was a little shocked by the price tags on the bags.

Some great cards here, all new to my collection.  My favorite here is the minor league card of former closer Rod Beck.  I recognize the Matt Williams promo card - I got another one in the Christmas package.

Some more oddballs, looks like John may have broken some of those awesome late 80s box sets.  Every so often I try to pick these up, great way to remember the players from my childhood.

I have a nice box filled with stickers and team oddballs.  My ultimate goal is to put together a nice binder displaying all of them.

I believe my comments about these cards was the origin of this package.  I have been giving thought to putting together this retail insert set so these will give me a little jump start.

This group of inserts and parallels were a great addition to the package.  All new additions to the Giants binder.

More adds to the Giants binder.  I love adding Deion Sanders cards from his time on the Giants to my collection.  I have pondered starting a player collection of Barry Zito cards, in part due to cool cards like the shiny Turkey Red here.  I don't think I will ever pull the trigger and will just be happy getting his Giants cards.

I'll end this post with 9 of my favorites from this Giants Stadium Club near set that was sent my way.  I had bought this set a while back but left it sealed up, so now I was able to check out all the cards and get time into the binder.

Thanks for the great group of cards and your consistent generosity John!


  1. great to see a post from you! John always finds an oddball to throw in. Cookies are some of the best!