Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Fun Finds Continue

I continue to make progress going through boxes of cards from the purchase I made several months back. I have yet to strike a balance between blogging and sorting/exploring, hence the large gaps in posts at time.

A couple days back I was sorting through a boring box of 1990 Fleer and noticed two slightly oversized cards on the side.  I slid them out and was pleasantly surprised to see they had a little age on them, they looked vintagey, 1970s vintage.

Then I took a closer look at the first one, here it is:

A cool, slightly oversized cartoon card from Fleer and R.G. Laughlin.  These look similar to the World Series cards that were put out in the early 70s, this set is a 42 card set of Baseball's Wildest Days and Plays.  I love these types of cards.  I got more excited seeing the pinstriped NY on the had and turned the card over and saw this was a Giants card that I needed for my collection.  Very cool!

The second card was the same size, looked to be about the same age but was of the football variety:

A nice vintage 49er card of HOFer Leo Nomellini.  I haven't been able to identify the set.  I couldn't find a matching set on with a photo to identify it.  The closest are some Fleer Cloth Patch Stickers from 1974 and 1975 on COMC.  The design is the same but instead of a cloth sticker, this is just a card.  Regardless, the is a perfect addition into my 49ers vintage collection.

I don't know what the chances are that both of these fun finds would fit right into my collection but I am sure glad they did.  Off to the binders they go.


  1. The football HOF card is 1974 Fleer Hall of Fame Immortal Roll also known simply as the Hall of Fame. They came in the packages with the cloth team logo sticker patches. I think it was 2 stickers and 1 card per pack.

    A few years ago I blogged about it my post was linked by the Football Card Gallery website: They also link to the wonderful Fleer Sticker Projet blog:

    The '74 set had 50 cards there is also a similar set Fleer produced in 1975 using the same photos for many of the players and similar design with a brown outside border instead of plain white. The 75 set has 84 cards:

  2. I remember pulling both of these from packs. Great finds

  3. The beauty of the great game of baseball displayed on the back of one cards. Awesome

  4. I love those Laughlin cartoons. I buy them whenever I can.

  5. I've gotta find more of those Fleer Laughlin cards... just so I can read awesome trivia like that.