Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I Have Some Thank Yous to Pass Out

My blogging frequency has flat lined.  I have found my life pulling me in several different directions and I won't bore you with the details.  My collecting hasn't stalled but the blogging has.  I haven't decided to pull the plug on the blog, however I suspect I am going to need some sort of jolt or resuscitation every so often to produce some posts.

The jolt I needed to produce a post today was some guilt over not thanking some generous people who have sent me unsolicited cards over the past few months.  I love getting packages in the mail and each of these put a smile on my face.

First up was a nice stack of cards from blogger Tom from The Angels, In Order.   I took a little bit of a like to the Angels when I was living in Southern California that survived a bit even after the f*%#ing Rally Monkey during the 2002 World Series.  I am a fan of a number of former Angels like Rod Carew, Reggie Jackson, JT Snow, Bobby Grich, Tim Salmon and Wally Joyner so it is fun checking out there cards when they pop up on his blog.

Here are highlights from what Tom sent:

These were all needs and very much appreciated.

Next up some cards from Marc at Remember the Astrodome.  I am bummed I never made it to the Astrodome, it was a dream of mine as a kid.  I addition to Astros, Marc collects quite a few different players as well so I feel a bit of a kinship.  Here are some highlights from what he sent my way:

Great stuff and tons of variety.  Particularly like the Score Gold Rush cards.  I have been on a bit of Score kick lately.

The final cards to show today are from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders.  In addition to his Tigers collection, Dennis collects guys from the University of Michigan.  I have been looking to add some of my USC Trojans as of late, I think Dennis and I have fairly similar collection approaches.  Here is what he sent my way in the latest package:

It was a Trojan heavy group and all were needs.  The Kyle Moore auto was only his 2nd card I had in my collection and inspired me to seek out the rest of his cards and I am close to a complete run (9 of 11 non 1/1s).

Thanks to all of you for the packages.  I still have more to share and hope to reengage soon!


  1. I've been idle for a few months now too. Life just gets so busy.

  2. So I just made a note to add all my Gold Rush dupes to your pile.

  3. I know how it goes. My blog went dark for months at a time for years. The good news is that there will be readers for those times you do get to come back

  4. Didn't realize you were a Trojan fan. It was so crazy seeing Stanford Stadium so empty last Saturday for such a big game.

    1. Good lord what the hell is the Pac 10 doing scheduling that game before students are on Campus (students move in on the 21st).

    2. Crap. Pac 12. I'm old and haven't adjusted to this confusing new world.

    3. Class of ‘94. I have never understood why there are Stanford home games, especially conference games, before the students start.