Sunday, October 7, 2018

Nice Vintage Pickups

Several months back I ran across a company, Burl's Sportscards, that was breaking vintage sets.  They sell slots based on the number of cards in the set.  A random draft is completed and you get the cards that correspond to your slot.

Previously I had participated in a 1952 Bowman break and a 1953 Topps break.  I picked up 2 Bowman spots and 1 1953 spot.

The Mize was a pretty nice pickup but I didn't really do so well.  I had taken a break for a while, tempted by a 1952 Topps break but hadn't pulled the trigger in quite a while.

A couple weeks back, I was lucky enough to check my personal email during the work day and see an announcement on a vintage break of cards from various vintage sets.  There were 50 cards and 50 slots for $25 each.  The big score was a 1963 Topps Pete Rose rookie.  I decided to pick up two slots and while I wasn't lucky enough to score the Rose, I did get two pretty nice vintage cards.

First up is a 1959 Topps Hank Aaron card.  The condition on this card isn't great.  You can see the corners are not sharp at all and there is a crease on the left side through the Braves logo.

My second card is a 1952 Topps Gil Hodges.  The card is off center a bit but the corners and color look great.  The primary flaw is a pen mark near the card number on the back.  A small flaw for a very nice looking card.

I plan to keep my eyes open for more of Burl's breaks, lots of fun with a change of a big score


  1. Mize, Aaron, and Hodges were great gets.

  2. Pretty cool Hodges.

    Those Burl's breaks always look interesting. I never get in on breaks but if I ever do, I'll probably go there.

  3. I've been tempted by these vintage breaks on more than one occasion, thankfully I've been able to resist... so far! They look like fun, but I just know that I would end up with a dud.

  4. Congratulations! For roughly the price of a blaster you took home two vintage stars. That's a win/win situation.

  5. This is vintage! This game is making me crazy! fan girl here!

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