Monday, January 14, 2019

A Trade with a Fellow Giants Collector

Back last year when I was trying to pare down my collection I offered up flat rate boxes by team to fellow collectors.  I didn't put a Giants one up for offer as my Giants duplicates were completely unorganized.  They sat in stacks on a shelf in one of my bookshelves in my hobby room.  In an effort to inspire myself to get them organized and help out a fellow Giants collector who had jumped back into the hobby I told Nick of n j w v that I would get some Giants cards together and send his way.   It took a while but I finally got that package sent out.

Nick let me know he got it and seemed pretty happy with the mix of cards I sent.  He reached out and asked if I would be interested in a custom set of cards he had put together commemorating the Giants 2018 season.  The season wasn't the best but Nick he had shown off some of the cards he designed and I quickly told him I would really like a set.

A little while back a package arrived from Nick and I wanted to show off what he sent my way.

I had shared on a prior post that I was a fan of the Score gold rush parallels and Nick helped fill some gaps for me.

 In addition to the gold rush cards, he shot me a few Giants I needed and even hit on a couple USC Trojans for my collection.

If not for the custom set, this easily would have been the highlight of the package.  These appear to be cut outs from The Mercury News.  I am going to toss the Chili Davis into my player collection binder and the rest go right into the Giants binders.  I couldn't fine a reference to these and have no idea how many were made but man are they super cool!  If there are any more I would like to track them down including a second Chili.

I decided to skip showing off much of the custom set, they are Nick's work product and up to him on how much he shows off. So here are just a couple samples:

I decided to share the Belt card to show off the great photo selection and the design of the front.  The backs show a line score and short summary of each game.  

I also figured I would share the header card and a beautiful tribute to my favorite player of all time, Willie McCovey.  I never did a tribute post to him, couldn't figure out what to say.

Thanks Nick for all the work you did on this amazing set.  If you decided to do it again in 2019, I hope I can figure out a way to get a copy!


  1. Those cut-outs are really fun! And it's kind of amazing to think that Nick would have those to trade, I can't imagine that too many other people would.

  2. The cutouts are cool, but that custom set is straight up awesome!!! I love the writeup on the back too. Would love to see some of the Cutch ones he made or even try to get some from him.

  3. Once upon a time, I owned the entire team set of those San Jose Mercury News cards... as well as the Oakland A's team set. Talk about a blast from the past. Great stuff.

  4. Glad you enjoyed. Not sure why I kept the extra cutouts but I posted about them here. I've been trying to figure out exactly what day they appeared and whether I can find them on microfilm in a library. So far no luck.

    As for the customs, I did post about them though I didn't show every card.