Friday, April 25, 2014

Another Big Box from the Most Generous Blogger

I didn't take a picture this time of the entire box but rest assured it will filled to the brim with Giants goodies.  Wes from Jaybarkerfan's Junk sent me another huge box of Giants and it is time to share my favorites. 
These are some base cards from a variety of products.  Since I have complete the Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, Stadium Club and Ultra runs of Giants (Topps since 1967 on) sometimes it is hard to find cards I need in the variety boxes trading partners send me.  This box had such a wide variety that wasn't the case.  Where does Wes come by all these cards???

The scan shows a couple nice inserts and 2 cards each from some oddball sets that happened to complete the Giants team sets from those issues.  It is great finishing off some team sets.

A nice trio of minor leaguers plus a sticker.  I am putting together theme binders for just these two things.

These are all some nice oddballs.  I have the McCovey in my Willie binder but figure I will put one in my Giants binder as well.  I am shocked I needed that Mays.  I have passed it up a bunch of times.  The quad of Classic cards was the entire team set!

A nice stack of parallels as well.  I always found the die cut Ultra Gold Medallion cards somewhat odd.  Who decided, lets just round off one of the corners?  I have a monster stack of the 2007 Fleer Minis and had only 1 or 2 giants in the entire thing.  Great to add an early Cain.

These cards all feature some shiny.  Two Finest Bonds pickups are great. Every time I come across a Glenallen Hill card I think of watching the Giants in Wrigley with my buddy when he crushed one out of the stadium earning him the nickname of Glenallen Muscle from that point forward.

And finally a nice batch of Ted Williams cards.  I think this set is somewhat underrated.  The checklist of players is somewhat odd but they use some great photos with a solid design.

Once again you wowed me Wes.  I appreciate your generosity and will be on the lookout for something to return the favor.


  1. My favorite from all of those?
    The Bob Knepper '79 Hostess card.
    Good stuff.

  2. Agree with Swing... that Knepper is awesome!