Saturday, April 5, 2014

Delayed Start of the Season Post

I had a huge work conference that I was partly responsible for putting on all of last week.  I left home at about 5:30 AM on Monday and got back yesterday at around 4 PM.  I haven't has the chance to watch much baseball, my following of baseball has been reviewing recaps and talking with a few work friends.  I do know that my fantasy team is doing horribly and my Giants are 4-1 after 5 games!

Last weekend I purchased the MLB.TV package and and Apple TV - woo hoo I get to watch the Giants broadcast in Los Angeles!  I have decided to try tracking the results of the Giants and naming an MVP for each game on my sidebar again this year.  My move stopped it last year fairly early but the combination of getting to watch a lot of games and my limited travel schedule this year inspires me to have some fun with it.

Another big game against the dreaded Dodgers today, can we go to 5-1?

Since this is a card blog, how about a card of a player who has started off hot but has yet to earn Player of the Game honors.

Brandon Belt is currently hitting .318 with an OPS of 1.045, 3 HRs, 6 RBI and continuing his hot hitting from the second half of last year.  We could be seeing the emergence of a star player.


  1. This guy is a beast! Wish he played for the team across the bay ;-)

  2. Today was the first appearance of the Brandon-Brandon-Brandon consecutive batting order...according to Jon Miller it's the 2nd time it's occurred in MLB history...facts you need to know....