Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Commons Order Part 1 - 2014 and the Hits

I made a fairly sizable purchase of about 160 cards recently.  I like to save up and place orders of $50 or more.  Any order over $10 has free shipping and if you go over $50 you can find a coupon code for 10% off.  Since there are so many cards, I thought I would break it up into 4 posts.  This one will cover the 2014 cards I purchased and the autos and relics.  The next 3 posts will feature all the Giants cards I picked up from the 1990s.  I know there are not too many Giants fans out there reading this however I thought it would be a good opportunity to show off some of the various designs in the 90s when many of us weren't collecting.

Here are the 2014 cards I picked up, all of them are parallels:

As you can see, I picked up 4 Red Hot Foil parallels and 4 Gold parallels, numbered to 2014.  The quad of Red Hots finished off my team set and the Golds got me to within 2 (1 of which I picked up on eBay tonight).  There are tons of parallels in this year's Topps and I have decided which sets I will pursue - Red Hot Foil, Gold, Target Red Border, Wal-Mart Blue Border, and Green. Additionally I will pick up all the Power Players cards which to me isn't a real parallel set since the numbering is different.  This leaves out the Black, Camo, Clear, Pink, Toys R Us Purple and Yellow. The Yellow is my biggest regret as I think they look real cool but I haven't been able to see too many of them at reasonable prices.  My goal is to get one Giant of each of those sets and I currently already have at least 1 of the Black, Camo and Yellow sets.  What can I say, I like having goals and lists. has a list of relic and auto cards for $2 each and I always take a look to see if there are any Giants I need, here is what I picked up:
The two UD Game Jersey cards are from 2010 and complete my team set.  The Bowker and Velez are joined by a trio of Giants pitchers, Barry Zito, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, to make up the team set.  It is nice to finish off a relic team set.  The Auto is of former Giants pitcher William VanLandingham.  I recall he was Bill when he was called up and ended up changing his first name to William early in his career.  I believe it gave him the longest or tied for the longest name in baseball history.

Coming up I will dive into the 1990s base cards I picked up in this purchase.

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