Saturday, April 12, 2014

Polo Grounds Seat Card

I have seen a few cards that feature pieces of old stadium seats and they typically don't excite me but for some reason when I saw this I really wanted it:

There were several reasons I was drawn to this card:
  1. It is modeled after a reprint of a 1948 Bowman card - I love old Bowman
  2. This isn't any old stadium set, it is from the historic Polo Grounds (allegedly)
  3. I enjoy picking up Mize cards as a Giant, he spent almost equal years on the Cardinals, Giants and Yankees
  4. It is a mini and everyone loves minis - don't believe me:
Here it is next to a regular sized card (it never gets old looking at a card showing a World Series celebration).

There is a Bobby Thomson relic in this set but I haven't been able to confirm it has a Polo Grounds seat relic as well but I am going to keep my eyes open.


  1. You forgot 5: it's easier to store (and less expensive) than a real seat from the Polo Grounds!

  2. I could certainly go for an Ebbets Field seat card. :)

  3. It's cool. I have a couple of stadium relics, Milwaukee County, and Griffith.

  4. Beautiful card. I just picked up the Hank Sauer in a collection I purchased over the weekend.