Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trade Post - Cards on Cards

Time to share some more trade goods from Kerry over at Cards on Cards.  As always, he was able to put a nice package together that helps out my collection, this time hitting on both my set needs and my Giants needs.

Up first the set needs:
 Two great Hall of Famers from the Upper Class set, I like the look of this insert set with the retired stars.  I also got a McGriff 1989 mini.  I took the plunge last weekend and found someone on eBay with all the 1989 mini cards I needed to finish my set and most of the Before They Were Greats.  If I can pick up the last 3 BTWGs before series 2 comes out, I will meet a goal of mine this year.

Now onto the Giants:
This is a great collection of Giants and all but the Ortiz Foil Bowman are parallels.  I am closing in on this year's Series 1 Target parallel set which is super cool.  With the addition of the Blanco Emerald, I am also down to needing two Emerald for all 3 2013 Topps releases.  The scan doesn't show it well but the Cain in an Ultra Gold Medallion.  Picking up an earlier 00s Topps Gold is great, I would love to go back and fill in all those sets some day.  The Leaf is a Black parallel, only evidenced by the name Leaf in black.  A great collection of cards, loving all the parallels.

Thanks Kerry for the great group of cards!

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