Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just Commons Order Part 4 - 1998-1999

As I finish this series of posts I am reminded that I forgot to get some new pages for my Giants binders last time I was at the LCS.  Looks like this stack of cards may sit around for a bit until I can secure some more pages.  I also need some boxes for the 2014 sets I am working on putting together.

Most of these cards are from 1998, I hit my spending limit after just a few 1999s so my next order will start back in 1999.  There are some pretty good designs in this group, hope you enjoy.

The top row is from the sophomore set of Topps Stars. I don't have any cards from the 1997 release.  These 3 are all numbered to 9799 and complete my team set along with a Barry Bonds I picked up some time ago.  Nice enough design with the star theme featured in the background.  The backs have a trivia question that is answered on the follow card number - this so annoys me!  The two Pinnacle All-Stars are from the Pinnacle set and complete that team set.  I really like the acetate action on the EX-2001 card of Shawn Estes.  Estes and Bonds are the only Giants in this set (and I don't have Bonds) but this is a set I would pick up a box of if I could find it at a reasonable price.  I would also consider a set purchase, I like them that much.  (just did a quick eBay search, one unopened box for $500 and the set for almost $40, won't be going after this one)

These Circa Thunder cards complete my team set but are a poor next Circa set - the 1997 is so much better.  More silver shiny Donruss Elite cards, predictably nice but not great.  The Cruz card is considered a Gold Leaf Rookie and is part of the base set.  Still need a Barry Bonds GLS (whatever that is).  This multi-set scan finished off with a Skybox Dugout Access card of JT Snow, which completes the 3 player team set in my collection.

Transitioning from 4 sets on one scan to 1 set on a scan.  These cards are very nice looking and get my team set one card away from complete.  There is a little bend to these cards but nothing like the Topps Chrome set a couple years back.  I am a fan of the 1998 Bowman Chrome design, looks very good in the shiny version.

Another, one set scan featuring shiny cards.  I have realized I have a lot of Topps Chrome gaps in my collection in the early 2000s, fortunately this group of 5 finished off this team set.  I am not a big fan of 1998 Topps but I think the design may have been put together thinking of the Chrome set as these are sharp looking.

I mentioned in an earlier post from this purchase that I had some holes in my Score collection.  I filled 7 of those holes in this purchase with this not so exciting looking Score set.  Still need 3 cards to finish this one off.  Finishing off Score isn't one of my 2014 goals but I have decided to abandon 1 or 2.  Maybe I will make a shift at mid year.  I also picked up 2 SP Authentic cards and these didn't scan great but look really nice.  This set is 198 cards strong with only 5 Giants, I wish there were more as I like the look.  I am down to just needing the Jeff Kent after getting the Robb Nen in a recent trade package.

My final scan features 4 cards from 2 sets put out in 1999.  The top 2 come from Upper Deck Century Legends and both feature the HR King.  While the one on the left features Barry in a Pirates uniform, he is pictured and listed as a Giants on the back and therefore makes the Giants binder.  The bottom 2 cards are from 1999 Upper Deck MVP.  I have gotten a few packs of these in repacks and suspect this was a pretty low end release.  I still need one card to finish my team set.

I really enjoyed getting all these cards from sets that I was fairly unfamiliar with.  If you haven't checked out, I would suggest you take a look to fill in some team or player collection gaps.  Over $10 has free shipping and if you go over $50, you can usually find an online discount code to use for 10% off.

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