Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vintage Mantle!

A few months back I was able to score a decent portion of the 1968 Topps Game set from my LCS.  For quite some time I was down to a want list of 3 and they happened to be 3 of the more expensive cards to track down.  Sportlots had one of my wants on auction and after a little bidding war, this wonderful card is now mine:

The condition isn't the greatest but any Mantle from his playing days is going to cost a pretty penny so I knew I wasn't going to be adding a mint card to my set.  I am very happy to knock this card off the old want list.

Roberto Clemente and Pete Rose to go!


  1. Cross the 'gambling fool' off of your want list, will set it aside for you.

  2. There are some really sweet cards being posted on the blogsphere this week, but I think this one takes the cake. Very nice snag!

  3. The best part of these cards is no worries about sharp corners.