Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trade Post - Cervin' Up Cards

I recently completed my first trade with Kenny (aka Zippy Zappy) from Cervin' Up Cards.  The main part of the trade on my end was receiving these cool cards:

 These are 2012 Sega Card-Gens of 3 Giants pitchers.  These appear to be game cards along the lines of MLB Showdown.  Tim Lincecum is looking like a pretty good card to have in the game with a full line of stars, I am not sure if the black border as opposed to the white border means anything special.  I have seen a few blog posts of people tracking these down and I am very happy to have this trio in my collection.

I also scored a nice stack of random Giants.  These 2 stood out as some of my favorites.  I don't have a ton of Bowman Chrome in my collection and picking up 2 stars including my favorite current Giant is quite nice.

 Here is a sampling of some of the other cards Kenny included and they range from a Panda rookie to a McCovey vintage to a Will the Thrill throwback to a Buster insert.  Great stuff!

Finally a nice close up of the backs of the Sega cards an a reminder to Zippy Zappy about the translations.  The numbers I get, unfortunately I don't quite understand the rest.

Thanks for the great trade package Kenny!

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  1. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about those translations. Already finished with Lincecum.

    I'll send you them soon (hopefully).