Monday, April 28, 2014

Sometimes Combined Shipping Isn't Really the Best Thing

A couple weeks back I recognized that I had a gap in my McCovey collection that I wanted to fill so I took to eBay to see if I could find an inexpensive copy of the card.  Luckily I found one and it was under $2.  The seller offered combined shipping at only 50 cents extra per card so I did some shopping.  I picked up some great cards but my total got a little out of hand.  Hopefully I will get a couple oohs and aahs in the comments to make me feel a little better.

First up are some parallels from this years Topps flagship set.  Originally I wasn't going to go after the entire green parallel set but after getting a couple before this including Buster and these 3 I am half way to the team set.  Let the quest begin.  The Blanco gold got me within 1 of that parallel team set.  My theme during these purchases was to work on team sets within reach.

Next up are some parallels from last year.  This gold Romo left me one card from the team set and I have it on order from Sportlots.  The Finest Xfractors look cool but deviated from the team set as they were my first two but with a team set of only 4 it isn't out of reach.

 I am a big fan of Museum Collection and am disappointed only 2 Giants are featured in base set from the 2014 release. They have much better representation in 2013 and the Cain Green gets me over the half way hump now having 4/7 Giants and the Will Clark Copper gets me a Willie Mays away from that team set.  The Canvas Collection Will the Thrill is a great looking card.

The three cards across the top finish off the base set from 2013 Triple Threads.  The two Amethyst parallels make me a Mays away from that set as well (wonder why Mays is so elusive).  The Cain is my first Emerald Giant parallel.

 I also decided to do some damage to my player collections.  I am loving the Reggie parallels and am particularly fond of his photos from his first go around with the A's.  I picked a Rickey base from last year's Museum Collection, I already had the Green parallel so that was a nice addition.  Great job by Topps in photo variations on the Triple Threads card.

 I haven't seen much of the Tribute WBC set and I am not sure how well it sold.  I had a Pablo Sandoval base card and added these 4 Giants.  I should probably look at the checklist and see if there are any giants missing.  These are decent looking cards, I am liking the unis from the World Baseball Classic.

Finally the card that started it all, a Willie McCovey 2013 Museum Collection Emerald parallel 072/199.  With the exception of the red 1/1 parallel, this completes my McCovey rainbow with a base card, a Copper parallel /424, the Green /199, and the Blue /99.  With this addition I now have 1226 different Willie Mac cards in my collection!


  1. I do the exact same thing and end up ordering a bunch of cards I don't really need. You did get some cool cards.