Thursday, April 17, 2014

Trade Post - Multiple Trades for 2014 Heritage

As most set collectors know, the Heritage set is an annual beast.  The set is 500 cards strong with the last 75 being short prints that fall one in three packs.  I bought 3 hobby boxes, a blaster and a few random packs and still found myself a bunch of base cards and tons of SPs away from the set.  With some trades from some great bloggers and a few singles from the LCS I have now put the non-SP set to rest.  I still have want list of 37 SPs (including all 6 Giants of which I need 2 of each!) so I have at least reached the half way point.  I am still working on some of the insert sets as well so if you have inserts and SPs for trade, drop me a note and help me out.

I thought I would share all the Heritage goodness I have received in trades so far from 4 great traders.

First up is a sizable trade with a reader, Martin.  Martin has a non-sports card blog he was kind enough to share with me about Christmas music.  Apparently there is a pretty nice community of Christmas music blogs. We are a big fan of Christmas music in the ARPSmith household so I am going to have to check it out.

 Martin filled 25 of my base card needs including these 9, I picked out a few that caught my eye for the scan.  As we all know the photography in Heritage isn't great with action photos but it is true to the 1965 Topps issue.
Martin was also kind enough to include 2 SPs and some inserts.  He remembered that I needed one of the Bench inserts but didn't know which one so he included both - works for me!  He also included an Opening Day insert.   I have gotten very little trade action on Opening Day, check out my want list if you have any.

Next up is a trade with Ben the co-author of the Baseball Card Blog:
 Ben knocked off the last 2 base cards I needed for my set and...
Traded me 6 SPs!  It was great getting a big batch in one trade, even if I had to trade off most of my Chrome inserts.  I think Ben is going after an even bigger quest including the Chrome and Chrome refractor cards for his set.

Next up is a package from my friend from north of the border Douglas of Sportscards From the Dollar Store

 Douglas was kind enough to send an SP my way along with 8 inserts.  I really like the New Age Performers insert set this year, it may be my favorite design of this insert set yet.  The player selection is pretty solid as well.  I personally think the Then & Now has run its course but I am still going after the set.  The Flashbacks set from the featured baseball year is a highlight for me as well.

Douglas also included a couple inserts from past years that I am still trying to complete.

Finally a one card PWE from Johnny at Cards from the Quarry
Johnny hasn't been blogging lately but fortunately he must still be reading and we were able to make a swap that brought this sweet Clemente insert my way.

Martin, Ben, Douglas and Johnny thank you so much for the help on my 2014 Heritage quest!

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