Monday, April 7, 2014

Just Commons Order Part 2 - 1992 - 1994

This is the second post of my 160 card purchase.  The first post showed off the 2014 cards and hits I bought and the final 3 in this series are set up to show off some different sets from the 1990s.  I was largely absent from the hobby in the 1990s (very poor in college and post college) minus buying a Topps set each year and some basketball cards.  My last order took care of the 1980s through 1992 and this one focused on the rest of the 90s.  With this post I will indicate the set and provide any thoughts I have on the design.

The first 4 cards are from 1993 SP, a higher end set produced by Upper Deck.  The design is nice with the photo taking up most of the card and consisting of in game action photos.  I didn't scan backs but may comment on them (sorry) and these backs are nice with another in game action photo. The statistics show their Career Best in 10 categories, their 1992 Season stats and the Career totals.  The last 2 cards in this scan are 1993 Finest. Most are familiar with Finest, one of Topps higher end releases with thick, shiny stock.  The base card of Burkett is solid but the All-Star of Will Clark is spectacular - one of my favorite designs of all time with the green borders.  The backs have a small portrait photo and share the 1992 stats and career stats. 

Next up are two cards from the 1994 Ted Williams set. I like this set, it isn't great but the subject matter is.  Most of the set are HOFers and stars from the past as these two cards demonstrate with Mel Ott and Bobby Thomson.  The fronts are made to look like paintings with bright colors.  The backs show the players 5 best seasons and Lifetime stats along with all their measurables and a 2-3 sentance write up on each player.  I really like how the Major League Debut date and year of HOF induction (where applicable) are included along with the normal DOB, Batting, Throwing, etc.  The final 5 cards are from 1994 Sportflics.  I always liked Sportflics and between this and the next picture you can see I needed quite a few from 94. The first 3 here are rookies and they have a different design than the base cards.  Odd seeing Darryl as a Giant.  Typical Sportflics set with some nice action shots, I like it.

Here are the Sportflics cards continued.  The last 2 cards are Starflics which I assume are star players.  I like the red background and the large baseball towards the bottom.  Pretty crazy that they went with 3 different designs on the base set.  The backs of the cards kind of remind me of 1995 Fleer, lots of color and some crazy designs.

Some more Finest, this time the 1994 edition.  Topps incorporated the green from the 93 All-Stars into this design and I think these cards look amazing.  I would love to have a set of these but expect that will never happen.  I usually like pictures with more zoomed out action shots but these just work.  The backs aren't super special, a zoomed in picture of the player framed in a home plate shape with season and career stats.  There is a nice little Finest Moment along the bottom.

This picture includes the final 2 Finest, these are rookies and have a slightly different front design - they still look nice.  The backs look just the same.  After the Finest cards, we see 4 1994 Select cards and 3 1994 Score Rookie and Traded cards.  I like the two action photos of the Select set and the name separating them is okay.  Manwaring has lots of good photos on his cards.  There is a nice 3rd photo on the back as well

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