Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trade Post - Reader David

A little while back a reader of the blog, David, reached out to me with a bunch of set needs (Archives, Topps Stickers and Gypsy Queen) for trade.  It was around the time I was on vacation and doing a lot of travel for work so it took me a little while to connect back with him.  Unfortunately, many of the cards he had for me from the original email were gone but fortunately he put together a nice trade package including some other goodies.  Here are the highlights of the trade.

This was all that was left from the original list he sent me.  I am still very appreciative to get these and move both these sets closer to completion.  I already had a Moonshots McCovey for my player collection but needed this one for my set.  I am down to needing 3 inserts to finish off my Gypsy Queen set and still need about 30 stickers for that set.  With my new pursuit of the Topps Chrome set, I now have 8 different 2012 sets I am in pursuit of (with at least Topps Update coming up later on) and I really need to put some attention on putting some to rest.

Speaking of other sets needing some work, David included some Ginter cards I needed in the trade package as well.  I love the inclusion of HOFers like Kaline and Bench in the base set. Not a huge fan of the landscape cards but I actually think the Panda one looks nice, still need one for the Giants team set.  I am inching my way forward on this set.  Still need 44 base cards and quite a few of the inserts.

David also included these 1973 cards that I needed for my set.  The landscape cards in this set are typically some of the best and the Rudi and Agee cards don't disappoint.  The action shots in the Kirby and Lindblad cards always seem to stand out to me as well.  This set is coming along quite nice I have 430/660 of the cards and many of those are from the final series.  I only have 6/132 from the high numbers.  I am going to put some effort over the next few months of finishing all but the final series then slowly pick away at the high numbers.

I also got some Giants in the deal.  The Krukow is from a box bottom.  Krukow was a pretty solid pitcher for the Giants and had one spectacular year winning 20 games and being in Cy Young contention.  Now he is on the Giants announcing team with Duane Kuiper and he is one of those guys that you love if he is your team's announcer and hate otherwise - I love listening to him.  I also got 4 different Kraft cards.  These are kind of cool as there are pull out tabs.  The tattoo will stay on the paper, if I get one I promise it will not be of Bob Brenly!  A couple Christy Mathewson cards that are always welcome and a recent parallel card of Ryan Vogelsong.  A nice eclectic group of Giants, just like I like it!

David was also kind enough to include this book on Willie Mays. Looking forward to reading it.  I read his big recent biography last year and I am interested in seeing how this compares.  This was written at the tail end of his career and in my experiences, there usually are quite a bit of differences based on when they are writting.

The last card David included was sitting inside the book. It is a little odd shaped and I have no idea how he came across this card.  It is an autograph from the Giants mascot Lou Seal!  Very cool oddball card that I have never seen before.

Thanks David for the great trade!!!

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