Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Baseball Card Done Right

Yesterday I received a card in the mail that I picked up off Sportlots auction site. It cost me under a dollar plus a buck or two in shipping. Some might say that I overpaid, even at that price. To me it was a great purchase and this card is one of the most attractive cards (of the non-vintage variety) I have ever laid eyes on.  I will share the front and back of this card and the reasons I enjoy this card.

1. A great photograph, it looks late 50s or very early 60s.  The colors are beautiful and I love the crowd scene in the back.  It appears that Orlando is posing for a picture but for someone else and for some reason that appeals to me.
2. The area surrounding the picture is nice and shiny, it really pops in person.
3. The gold foil for the Tribute logo, the team name, player name and number looks fabulous.
4. I love that it highlights his uniform number, the brand is called "Tribute" and this is all about a tribute to his uniform number.
5. Only includes his last name, if we are paying tribute to a famous ball player, should we really need his first name.

6. Moving to the back, we get clarity that the tribute surrounds his uniform retirement and it even includes the year.
7. Another picture on the back and it is a different one - always a plus.
8. I like how the stats are broken out, we get his Giants status and the overall career stats.
9. The back has a nice write up that includes a few different facts.  Very informational.
10. The card stock is great.  It is solid and a little thicker than a typical card but not as thick as today's Tribute cards.

10 great reasons that this card is great.  My only small complaint would be the lengthy copyright info on the right side of the back but that is just being nit-picky.  I have a McCovey from this set but haven't taken a look at it for a while.  There are also cards of Mays, Marichal, Ot and Hubbell in this set and I am going to have to go after then.  If they are anywhere close to as nice as this card, they will be great additions to my collection.

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