Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trade Post - GCRL

One of my favorite past times is taking Giants from unwanting Dodger fans and lucky for me there are quite a few Dodger bloggers out there happy to send the boys in Orange my way.  I am trying to catch up on trades made prior to my move and it just so happens I had two trades from GCRL, the Dodger blog that celebrates the Dodgers famous infield from years gone by.

Here are the cards from Trade #1

Nice group here, a no-hitter celebration, an orange refractor parallel (the Giants look so nice in orange borders) and a couple cards of the Say Hey Kid.  I love the sliding into home card.
Another nice grouping here.  We have a Wendell Kim sighting - he was the Giants 3rd base coach for a while and I just remember him as being terrible.  Another great Kirt Manwaring card.  An insert of Former Giants pitcher Barry Zito (I thought I would never be able to say that!) and some parallels. 
Probably the coolest cards in the package, these two triple fold reprint cards featuring Giants from early in the 20th century.  This Mathewson card reminds me I have a book about him to read, need to move it towards the top of the reading list.
Finally, trade #1 finishes off with some vintage Giants upgrades.

Here are some more Giants goodies from Trade #2

Oh wait, it wasn't all Giants - I scored a sweet Vida in an Oakland A's uniform.  The beard card made me happy when I got it, now it makes me sad :-(

Some sweet Giants stickers were include as well.  I just got the final puzzle sticker, look for a future post celebrating the set completion.

Finally the best card of trade #2 is this awesome Buster Posey Heritage refractor.  A very sweet card of the reigning MVP (for the next couple weeks).

A belated thanks Jim for the great trades, I am always here to help rid you of your Giants!

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  1. well, i've got plenty of giants to get rid of! thanks for the trades!