Friday, December 20, 2013

My Trip to Cooperstown - Part 4 - Non-Card Items

It has taken me way too long to get to this point but I am finally posting my final post from my trip to Cooperstown earlier this year.  I really need to pick up the pace on posting.  This post represents the non card items I picked up on my trip to the Hall of Fame:

First up is the cool Giants book:
This is a pretty cool read. It includes things Giants fans should do and also facts and information fans should know.  When I thumbed through the book it appeared that there was quite a bit I probably already knew but also some fun stuff to read and learn about.  I have a few other books in progress and in the queue so this may take a while to get read but I will share my thoughts once I do get a chance to read it.

Next up is an autographed 8X10 photo of Giants HOFer Monte Irvin.
Pretty cool story behind this one.  As I may have mentioned before, prices on baseball memorabilia and cards are not what you would call bargains around Cooperstown and I guess that makes some sense.  In my post sharing the oversized and oddball cards I purchased, I mentioned that most were bought at a store in the parking lot of the baseball field.  The prices there were solid but what was super cool was that he noticed just about everything I was buy were Giants and he tossed this in for free!  What a great gesture and a cool addition to my collection.

The final item I picked up is this cool Willie McCovey display item.  It is about post card sized, encased in plastic and contains a coin with Willie's picture on it.  It has a little plastic holder to allow it to be displayed standing up, a nice new collectible for my Stretch collection.  I bought it at the gift shop at the Hall of Fame and it now holds a nice place on my new bookshelf in my card room.

Sorry it took a while but it was fun to relive the purchase part of the trip through these posts.

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  1. The display item of Stretch is really nice.
    I could spend an entire day just roaming the streets and shops of Cooperstown. Thanks for sharing your finds!