Monday, January 20, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #6 - Multiple Trades with Multiple Traders

Maybe this is cheating but for #6 I decided to group a few trades together, 5 to be exact.  These trades had a smaller number of cards than #1-#5 but were still great trades and much appreciated.  To me whether it is 1 card or many cards, I love to trade.  I am really wanting to get caught up on these older trades (I have some recent ones I need to get to as well) so I hope these great traders are okay sharing the post.

I have one more older trade post to go after this one and I can tell you I am feeling so much better without these hanging over my head.

First up are some great Giants cards from William over at Foul Bunt
First up are a few cards from early in the year helping me finish up my Series 1 Giants base set.  Every time I look at that Scutaro card it brings back the great memories of that rainy night that sent us to the World Series.  I personally think the Brandon Crawford card is one of the better pictures of the year.  I am a sucker for sliding cards with dirt all over the place. 

William also shot over these two cards.  I like the Gold parallels from 2012 but I do think the Emerald ones are a notch above.  Surkamp was recently claimed on waivers by the White Sox so it appears the former prospect will never come of age with the Giants.  The Kimball inserts are cool, I have been meaning to see if there are vintage cards that look as good as these.

Trade #2 is a deal struck with Lifetime Topps project.  I love the theme of his collection in trying to get every Topps card, inserts included, since he was born in 1980.  I was born a few years earlier but started collecting in 1979 so his pick ups always bring back great memories.  This trade actually included quite a few set needs:

First up are these insert cards from Allen and Ginter. I decided to pick these up even though their primary function was the crack the code contest.  The supply of these seems to have dried up and my want list still includes 13 cards.  I think most people trashed these but I am glad to have knocked 9 off my list in this trade.

I also picked up a nice assortment of Heritage needs including the sweet Orioles dual rookies of Machado and Bundy.  I have my last SP and insert on order from Sportlots and will finally finish this set off.  My goal of getting my 2013 sets done prior to the release of 2014 Topps will be complete (kind of - I still have a want list of Archives inserts I will never complete and the Gypsy Queen inserts that I am going after but I am not counting those!).

Finally 2 cool Giants minis.  The Wilson black border goes back to the first year of Gypsy Queen and when the Beard was quite a bit tamer than today. If you compare, Cody Ross is sporting a similar beard in his card.

Trade #3 is a nice assortment of Giants cards from Stealing Home author of All Trade Bait, All the Time and a dreaded Dodger fan.  I am sure he was happy to ditch these Giants.
Similar to the Scutaro card above, I can't help but get a little chill of excitement when I see the World Series celebration card of Romo and Buster on this Walmart parallel - great addition to the collection.  I have gone back and forth on the Calling Cards insert set but I know for certain I am a fan of this Tim Lincecum card.  The color scheme of the insert set seems to fit well with the Lincecum picture - great looking card.

A few random Giants as well.  I am a huge fan of the Baseball Heroes set and all the colored parallels.  From some reason I haven't gone hard after rainbows of the 4 Giants that appear in the set. I need to mark that down as an idea for next year's goals. I also enjoy any card, especially of Barry Bonds, with the Wrigley ivy in the background.

This next trade was a trade where I sent a couple hundred or more 1986 Donruss cards to Uncle Doc's Card Closet for just one in return:

A great vintage Juan Marichal card.  I already had this card in my Giants collection but I also have found myself hoarding vintage Hall of Famers so I jumped at the trade.  Uncle Doc was working on the set and offered this up in the trade.  I noticed that Uncle Doc hasn't posted in over 7 months, I hope everything is okay with him, I always enjoyed his blog.

The final trade in this post highlights a couple of cards sent my way from one of the most generousl bloggers out there, Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk.  Wes periodically shoots cards out and I try to return the favor as often as possible.  In the past Wes has had a couple of Trade Bait drafts that I have participated in, just overall a great blogger.

The first card is a cool parallel of former Giants third baseman Pedro Feliz.  I love the picture on this card and the start of his throwing motion.  The fact that the card is also numbered to 99 just adds to the coolness of the card.

And the second card is this great jersey card of Will The Thrill Clark, my favorite Giant of the last 80s and early 90s.  With Bonds' arrival they had to let him go but it was a sad day for this Giants fan.

Thanks guys for the great cards and great trades.  Another apology for the delayed post but I really appreciate the trades.

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