Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Allen & Ginter - The Giants

I really enjoy this year's Allen & Ginter design but I am really trying to limit my spend on box breaks so I haven't bought too much.  I picked up 4 packs at my LCS and one triple pack at Target.  I am sure I will pick up a few other packs here and there but I don't think I am going after the set this year.  Some day I may decided to just buy a complete set but I am going to try and be good.

I have done something to enhance my Giants collection however.  I entered a case break of Ginter through The Case Breakers and for the first time ever won an auction for a half case break - so I basically got all the Giants from a case and a half.  I don't think I did horribly but also don't think I did great.  If you need any base Giants for your sets, including the SPs, I am your man with a stack of about 60-80 dups.  I thought I would show you the Giants goods from my packs and breaks.

 There are 9 base (non-SP) Giants this year.  I think this is a pretty sharp looking group of cards.  My favorites are probably the Bumgarner with the ball in hand hat tug and the Clark with the sleeve tug.  Like I said, I have quite a few dups of all these cards if you are interested.

 The Giants have 2 SPs as well and I picked up a couple extra copies of each.  Going into this year these were two deserving players to represent the Giants as SPs but Cain has laid an egg this year. I am hoping some rest for his elbow will help but fear the Peavy trade is a sign of a serious injury.

The Giants have 4 players in the Pastimes insert set.  Bumgarner is Farmer, Sandoval is Jokester, Lincecum is Gym Rat and Mays is Retirement.  The Retirement pastime cracked me up.

My biggest disappointment was the lack of minis out of the breaks, I thought I would get close to a team set and that didn't happen.  The first row are regular backs, the middle row A&G backs and the bottom row black backs.  If you have extras from your breaks that I need, think of me as I would like to complete all 3 of these versions.

Finally the Relics.  I got the Posey from the full case break, the Bumgarner from the half case break and the Cain from my 4 LCS packs - I love pulling Giants in my packs.  These are the only 3 regular sized relic cards so I am happy to have this team set put together.  I need to chase down the 2 mini relics and a Mays boxtopper along with the minis and my Giants Ginter quest is complete. 

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  1. Ugh, I really need to stop looking at these Ginter posts. Must...resist...buying...more...