Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Huge Vintage Giants Pickup

Last year I set a goal to complete half of the Giants Topps team sets from the 1960s and I overachieved and finished off 7 of 10.  I set a goal this year to finish off the last 3 and I had 2 major obstacles a 1968 Topps Super Stars combo card featuring Harmon Killebrew, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays and this card that I just picked up:

  I have had a search saved with daily reminders on eBay for this card for over 9 months.  It is a very challenging card to find at a reasonable price in decent condition.  It is the final card of the set, #598, it is a high number and it is short printed.  Not to mention that Gaylord Perry is a HOF pitcher.  As you can see this card isn't close to mint condition, it has some border issues primarily but overall it looks nice - decent centering, nice color, no creases or paper loss.  I was able to pick up this card that "books" for $200 for $39 delivered.

As I have done for my other completed 60s sets, I will share the cards I have picked up since the quest started last year then give you the team set in pages. Here are the pick ups:
This set is perhaps the most challenging team set in the 1960s.  In addition to the Perry as the last card, it contains Willie Mays as the first card.  Also, my favorite player Willie McCovey is a high number and Short Print as well.  If you are into book values, the Mays goes for $250, the McCovey $100 and the Perry $200.  I am very glad to have put it to rest.  Here it is in all its glory:

Boy does that look nice.  Only 1 set to go, 1961 Topps.  Here are the 5 cards I need to seek out now to finish off the 1960s Giants set:

1961 Topps #408 Christy Mathewson K's SP
1961 Topps #538 Chuck Hiller RC
1961 Topps #555 Sam Jones
1961 Topps #565 Felipe Alou
1961 Topps #579 Willie Mays AS

I guess it is time to set up some new eBay searches and try to knock this out by year end.


  1. Not gonna lie: even though I hate the Giants (as a Ranger fan, I'm still bitter), I absolutely LOVE the Herman Franks card! Who exactly is he yelling at?!

  2. Nice! That's one of the better Mays cards I've seen.

  3. Nice pick up I have been having trouble find vintage giants cards in my nearby shops

  4. I'm way late on catching up on my blog feed, but this is mighty impressive. That is one heck of a team set, between the four HOFers, the other stars, and all those leader cards. The supporting cast alone has a pair of Alous, Schofield, Lanier, Cepeda, the Fuentes rookie, etc. Nice!