Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Amazing USC Pick Up

Yesterday was the start of the college football season for my USC Trojans.  I attended USC in the early 90s and greatly enjoyed their glory years under Pete Carroll while living in Trojan Country (Orange County, CA).  As an eternal optimist, I am hopeful that the sanctions are behind us and we can Return to Glory.  We had a great start destroying the Fresno State Bulldogs (and I won a free lunch in a bet with a buddy) yesterday so I thought I would share a wonderful Trojan card I picked up for my collection.

I recently scored a card that back in 2006 would have gone for hundreds of dollars for a less than the cost of a couple blasters.  Check this out:

Reggie Bush was drafted #2 overall in the 2006. Matt Leinart wasn't far behind at #10.  Lendale White was drafted #45 overall and was actually the 5th Trojan picked behind offensive linemen Winston Justice and Deuce Lutui.  It was quite a year for the Trojans with a total of 11 players drafted.  I went crazy that year buying boxes and boxes of cards.  However I stayed away from the high end cards so adding this Triple Threads is a huge score.

As a Trojan fan, I can't think of a much better score than a triple auto relic that spells out USC. The players go back to the glory days for the Trojans - before sanctions, scholarship reductions and Pete Carroll's departure.  I am hoping with the penalties behind us and the new coaching staff we can rise to the top once again.

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