Saturday, August 30, 2014

More $10 Mystery Packs = More Winners & More Trade Bait

Time to share a few more of my LCS Mystery Packs.  I typically go after these when there is a prize or two that excite me.  During my latest trip the only card of interest was one of the third prizes, a Barry Bonds relic.  The top prize right now is some Matt Kemp card and second prize is a trio of Paul Konerko autos.  I decided to pass.

As you will see below, I was much more excited about some of these prizes - sorry to ruin the suspense.

We'll start with this pack:
This was the second Walker I have pulled in these packs and the first one went to my 2014 Donruss Series 1 set.  One of you Dodger collectors has to be salivating over that Ron Cey card.

This one had 2 autos.  I was happy to see the Monday in an A's uniform.  I got an auto from him before as a Dodger and this is a big upgrade.  I am a Monday fan resulting from his patriotism in taking out a wanna be flag burner and stealing the flag.  I hadn't heard of Robinson before getting this card.

Speaking of Dodgers fans, here are two more. One of the IP variety and one certified.  I am not a fan of Reuss, he no-hit the Giants when I was a kid but he does have a solid autograph.  Penny helped out the Giants a bit during a World Series stretch run but this card has him in the wrong uniform.

For me the highlight of the pack was the Deion Traded rookie card, a definite keeper for me.  Another Dodger, this time a relic, but what should I expect living in LA LA Land.  This pack also produced a third prize winner:

I had my eye on this Tony Oliva autograph card for quite a while.  As I shared in this post, I passed this up once for a Duke Snider auto.  I was happy to get it. The more I read about Oliva's career, the more I think he should be in the Hall of Fame. If that ever happens, which I doubt, I will have this card ready for my HOF collection. If not, I will still have it as a reminder of a great career.

As I was going through this pack I was shocked to see an Al Kaline IP auto.  I already have a certified auto of Mr. Tiger but this was pretty cool to see in a $10 pack.  Imagine my surprise when the bottom card was a 2nd prize winner and allowed me to jump on this card:

A relic out of 50 of none other than Roberto Clemente!  I had my eye on this for quite a while.  I doubt I will ever add an autographed card of Clemente into my HOF collection but this bat relic will do just fine.  The first place card was a Jackie Robinson jersey relic with a patch and someone else won that card but I am sure happy that the Oliva and Clemente cards are in my collection.


  1. not bad. not bad at all. i'm curious what that "some matt kemp card" is...

  2. Nice pickups! And as gcrl said, I'd be interested to know what that Kemp card is.

  3. I just love the long tail on that Cey signature. It looks great. That Clemente is definitely my favorite piece here, though.