Wednesday, December 3, 2014

COMC Black Friday Purchase #2 - Set Needs

Yesterday I showed off 4 new Willie McCovey Prizm parallels from my Black Friday purchase off COMC.  Typically one of my primary focuses on Black Friday is to try and finish off some sets.  The last couple years I have picked up Archives and Heritage SPs. This year the Archives weren't happening, the inventory was thin and very expensive.  My LCS was telling me that some vendor bought up all the excess inventory from Archives and is hoarding it. At the prices the SPs are going for I am going to need an infusion of those stowed away cases in order to get my set complete.

I was able to knock of 4 of the last 5 SPs I needed for Heritage:

I got these for really solid prices, all under $2.  The last card I need is Derek Jeter.  There were only three for sale on COMC with the lowest being $14.25.  Ebay is no better.  If you happen to have one and are willing to trade it, let me know. Coincidentally, I pulled a Jeter in action parallel and sold it on Sportlots a few weeks back. Maybe I should have kept it for my set.

Next up is a football set I have decided to put together.  These are all SPs from 2013 Topps Football Archives.
 While I can't stand the Cowboys the Too Tall Jones is probably my favorite. I love that set design from 1983 and the All Pro designation is awesome.  I also liked picking up the Super Rookie of Ickey Woods, I like his new commercial on TV.  I am now within 4 cards of finishing off this set.

 Finally some miscellaneous set needs:
The Bauer Dealing Aces insert finished off my insert set quest from last year's Gypsy Queen release.  I didn't collect the base set but decided to go after several of the insert sets.  The Cabrera finished off the Super Veterans insert set, I with they would have continued this set in Series 2 and Update.  The Between Innings inserts from Opening Day are tough to come by - I think they are 1/box - and I picked up one on the cheap.  the Burkett gets me within 1 card of completing the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set, the last 20 cards are colorized and very short printed.  I still need Jim Bottomley and cannot even find one for sale.  The Buck Leonard insert finished off all the insert sets I am going after for 2012 Cooperstown. I am very disappointed the decided to skip this release in 2014, it has been one of my favorite sets of the past 2 years.  The Sale mini is one of 2 I needed for the Series 2 set (need Jeter again) and if the picture looks familiar to you, just scroll back up to the top (naughty Topps!).

I didn't do as much set damage as normal but am happy to have crossed these off the old want list.  Stay tuned for some Giants over  the next couple posts. 

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  1. Jeter always has to go and ruin everything. It feels like he's always the last card in a set project, and the prices are always ridiculous.