Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Heritage Dilemma

I am a fan of vintage baseball sets.  I would love to own every Topps flagship set ever produced at some point in my life and am currently working on the 1970-1972 sets after finishing 1973 earlier this year.  I now have every set from 1973 forward along with the sets from 1959 and 1960.

Topps Heritage has been a way to get an annual fix of the classic designs without the vintage prices.  I have collected the set for the past 3 years and have built the set a couple other years.  The stretch from 1963-65 is one of my favorites from a design perspective so even though I decided to try and cut back on the number of sets I was chasing in 2014, I couldn't pass up the 1965 design.  Yesterday I received the last card I needed in the mail:

None other that the recently retired Mr. Yankee Derek Jeter.  This was a high number card and I ended up paying more than $10 to purchase it on eBay which kind of ticks me off.  First, Topps made most of the high numbers stars which drove up the prices.  This was exasperated by it being Jeter's final year.  I was planning on waiting on this to get below $8 just to feel a little better about the situation but I got impatient and pounced.  Set complete, yeah!

Now a face somewhat of a personal dilemma, do I collect Heritage next year.  Topps will be starting on a stretch of 2 years where the designs do nothing to excite me.  I will continue to attempt and streamline the sets I collect and allow for other collection focuses to earn my limited card budget.  I will certainly go after all the Giants but I am leaning towards skipping the set.

Do any other collectors plan on going after the 2015 Heritage set?  Any thoughts on the Heritage line as we inch forward in time?


  1. I won't try to collect a Heritage set until possibly 2020. (You can bet I'll be collecting it in 2024). The SPs make it impossible for me. If it was the only thing I collected then fine, but I ain't got no time for that.

    P.S.: I love the 1967 Topps design.

  2. I keep telling myself that I won't go after it, but I'll cave like I always do. My local Target goes on a long stretch where the only good blasters are Heritage. My will power sucks sometimes.

  3. I was going to comment, but basically I could cut and paste what Matthew said. Damn you, Topps.

  4. The 1966 is sort of "middle of the pack" for me... I don't like it as much as 1965 (for example), but it ranks higher than 1960 - 1962 and 1968. I'm planning on doing the same thing I did this year: Buy a hobby box, buy a few blasters, track down the teams & players I would collect regardless and the rest falls into the category of "Oh, well". As long as short prints are involved, I don't even consider the possibility of completing the set, I just live with a partial set and move on.

  5. I got most of the way through 2014 Heritage, but I ran out of steam at some point and still have about 25 short-prints to go, along with a handful of the regular base cards. I may or may not get around to finishing it.


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