Friday, January 23, 2015

Trade Post - Baseball Card Breakdown

Still working to catch up on trade posts and here are some great cards that came my way from the originator of the Wallet Card movement that has started throughout our blogging community, none other that defgav from the blog Baseball Card Breakdown.

As I recall defgav had broken some Donruss Series 2 and sent the Giants from the break my way which is greatly appreciated.  I needed all the cards as the only Giants I had pulled from my box went toward my set build.
First up is a quad of base cards.  The Belt, Posey and Bumgarner cards all look pretty good despite the lack of logos, particularly the Madison.  Donruss used almost all action shots which I almost always prefer.  The Cain card has had some significant work done to it as has Mr. Cain with a couple surgeries that had him miss a big part of last season.  I am hoping he can bounce back as he will be needed if the Giants want to make a playoff run.

 Next up is a trio of Elite cards, these were inserts in the Donruss boxes.  I was unlucky and didn't pull one Giant in my box but was lucky enough to get 3 of the 4 Giants in this package.  The Buster is my favorite.  Panda looks like he may be following a long and high pop up but who knows, maybe he got enough of it.

 Probably my favorite part of the 2014 Donruss release was bringing back the Career and Season Stat Line cards.  At one time I had my sights on completing the entire team set but got distracted with some newer releases.  Finally posting this trade may be the inspiration I need to track down the rest for my collection.

Finally, I received this Elite Turn of the Century Auto card of Ehire Adrianza.  I really appreciate the autograph but I am hoping Mr. Adrianza doesn't make the Giants club this year, he is not a good player.  His defense is shaky and he is more of an automatic out than several of the Giants pitchers.

Defgav, thanks for the Donruss Giants care package, I really appreciate you bolstering my Giants collection.  Sorry it took a while to post but don't let that lead you to believe these aren't greatly appreciated!


  1. As lackluster as this base set is, I do really like the inserts and parallels. Great stuff.

  2. Right on. Thanks for the trade!