Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trade Post - Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

A few months back I shared a couple of mascot cards that I had picked up from my LCS bid board.  One of my favorites was of the San Diego Chicken and after getting those cards I recognized that the Chicken had autographed Donruss cards through a mail in offer. Even though I collected Donruss back when these cards were released, I had never noticed the offer on the back of the Chicken cards or I probably would have send one in my self. Lucky for me, Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards read my post and had one in his collection.  He offered to send it my way so I packed up some Brewers and another trade was completed.

Here is the awesome Chicken card.

Pretty nice penmanship for a bird and it is even inscribed with the year.  I am very happy to have an autoed version of this card in my collection.

Tony also included this Silver parallel of The Dandy Dominican Juan Marichal in the package.  I am pretty close to finishing off both the gold and silver parallel sets from this release and I think I need to make an effort to finish these off, they are nice looking cards.

Finally Tony included two great manupatches of New York Giant HOFer Mel Ott!  When I got these I thought that I already had them both but after checking my list I realized both are new to my collection, super cool.

Tony, sorry for taking so dang long to post this trade, it was a great one.  I am looking forward to the day when I can be prompt with my trade posts. Thank you so much for the great cards.

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