Friday, April 17, 2015

COMC Delivery

I recently posted about the final 2 Future Stars That Never Were cards I purchased from COMC to finish off my insert set.  As you probably know, COMC has moved to a flat rate $3 shipping charge so I always like to purchase and bundle a decent group of cards together to have delivered to keep the impact of the shipping at a minimum.  When filling out this order, I decided to focus on some of my player collections and figured I would show off the rest of the cards in one post.

First, here are the 3 Chili Davis cards I acquired:

I don't remember what I paid but the Lead Buy Back /20 was a score that made me quite happy.  It is my first Leaf Buy Back, I have yet to track down a Giant from the set.  The middle cards is an SP card from 2012 Topps Archives.  I bought an auto of this card prior to even deciding to start a Chili player collection and I have a copy of this in my set.  This card only set me back 65 cents.  Usually when looking at COMC for cards for my player collections I look for hits, serial numbered cards, short prints, inserts and parallels.  The final Davis card fits into the final category and I think the photo fits nicely with the die cut design.

Next up are the Harold Miner cards I picked up:

The Z-Force is from the 2012-13 Fleer Retro set and is the Super Rave parallel numbered 27/50 - a great find.  The two Ultra cards come from the same set, the colored version being the base insert and the black and white one is the Platinum Medallion numbered 092/100.  The middle card, also from that set is the Flair Legacy Row 0 insert numbered 091/100.  The lower right card is the final Fleer Retro purchase from this group and is the base auto card.  The bottom left card is a newer release, the base card from 2014-15 UD March Madness Collection.  Finally the card I am perhaps most excited about in this entire purchase is the Classic card in the bottom center.  This is a card that wasn't in my collection, wasn't on my checklist/wantlist and I had never seen it before.  A great addition!

The largest number of cards in this purchase were of Ben Petrick:
 These are all Bowman or Prism Parallels.  I really like it when the International parallels feature flags in the background and the top middle card does not disappoint.  The very middle card also features Mike Piazza on the other side and is oddly die cut.  There are 17 different variations of Petrick's 2000 Prism card and I was able to add these 4 that bring my total up to 9.  I guess that puts me just over half and may initiate a sub goal to actively seek.

 Here are some other non-hit cards I picked up.  The Fleer Tradition card is the glossy version.  I really like the look of the Skybox card in the center.  It is a short printed card to the regular base card, they both possess the same card number.  The Fleer Focus is the green parallel and numbered 250/322.  The two minor league cards are pretty sweet as well.

 I was able to track down 3 very affordable relics that weren't yet part of my collection.  I know there are tons of legitimate concerns about the authenticity of relics from the card companies but I still enjoy picking them up, particularly when they come for a buck or two each.

The final cards to share from this COMC purchase are these 6 certified autos of Ben Petrick. All of these were pretty cheap and new to my collection.  I am a big fan of the Bowman's Best one at the bottom of the scan but I was happy to pick up all of these.  My Petrick collection has grown to 128 different cards of the 307 I have on my checklist.  If I can acquire 26 more cards I can get over the half way point, another sub goal to consider.

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  1. All nice cards, but I especially like all the Petrick cards!